Monday, April 08, 2013

South Carolina Lowcountry

An ancient horseshoe crab washed ashore at Hunting Island beach in South Carolina

A trip through St Helena Island offers up the opportunity for fresh caught shrimp.   I use my wok for many tasks besides stir frying. In this case I brought water, Old Bay Seasoning and lemon to a boil then plunged the fresh shrimp in for just barely three minutes. Drain, peel, eat.  YUM!

A shrimp boat that needs just a little work...

Some of the active shrimp boats in for a rest at the Gay Fish Company in Frogmore, South Carolina. 

The Gay Fish Company was closed when we arrived but we found another nearby vendor to sell us fresh shrimp. 

We spent one day rolling down the highway while the crock pot was cooking in the sink.  I added small bungee cords to the lid plus a piece of rubber shelf liner, to keep the pot from shifting or banging and clanging in the sink.  It was plugged into a 400 watt inverter which coverts the 12volt house battery to 110 electricity.  The alternator on the engine, keeps the house battery charged up while I drive. This 3 quart crockpot only draws 200 watts, so it cooked perfectly with the small inverter all day while we poked around.  It continues cooking, while drawing down the house battery, when I was parked for shopping, gassing up and walking.  Anyhow, there was no need to run the extra expense of the gas generator, when the inverter could cook for me. It was nice to arrive at camp, with dinner ready to eat. 

On the way to our one night stay at Tuck In The Woods Campground


  1. Dear Miss Mermaid,

    Just tonight discovering you and low and behold your rolling up thru the Low Country. Those marshes and ivy drapped oaks have had an influence on my soul since our first "mistaken" trip there in 1974.
    If you happen to roll down Hwy 174 and into Edisto, please enjoy yourself, but please don't tell anybody (though it's hard not to scream of its beauty). Come see us at 609 Dolphin St. if you'd like.

    Happy Trails,

    1. Aw, thanks Scott! I first came here as a child and fell in love with the lowcountry. We did drive by Edisto last week as we traversed from Buck Hall to Hunting Island. I just love this area.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have dinner ready when you reach your destination! My mom bought me a slow cooker that has a lock down lid. Unfortunately, I left it in the storage unit in Galveston county because I had no room for it in the rig...she also bought me an electric waffle iron. It folds up, so I found a spot for it! Yum!


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