Friday, April 26, 2013

Living Large In A Small RV

Living Large In A Small RV

My RV is 28 feet long, built in 1994 and has no slides to enlarge the indoor area. It's my only home. All my worldly goods and my little doggy call this home.  

I bought it after relocating to America from the Caribbean, where I had spent 23 happy years of working, playing and sailing. One day I woke up in intensive care at the island hospital. A month later I left the hospital, sold and gave away my Caribbean things, then came to America. Uncertain about my future, I bought this little old motorhome as temporary housing. 

Home is where we park it. 

First start with a silly small dog. At 6 pounds, they won't take up much room at all. (Not unless you count the toys, the doggy camp chair, the toys, the quilt, the puppy fluffy bed, the afghan, the toys, the sweaters, the jacket, the food, the feed bowls, the toys, the leash, the harness, the toys...  nope a little dog doesn't take up much room at all!)  

Next, go outdoors and expand!

This is my new screen door handle from Camco ordered from Amazon .  It's a mystery why RV manufacturers refuse to give you a door handle. There you are inside, flailing about, trying to pull your door shut with no handle. I have lusted for this part for a long time. I am super happy to finally have it installed. A door handle!  Who'd a thunk it?  

Now for the mystery. What on earth could fit in this small flat bag that would transform a diminutive RV bathroom?

outdoor RV shower enclosure  by dear miss mermaid

It's a pop-up shower stall for the great outdoors!   My little old wheel estate came with an outdoor cabinet that houses a handheld shower hose with hot and cold water taps. 

As warm weather permits, I can shower outside in a huge 42 inch square shower stall that is 76 inches tall. It collapses to fit into the tiny round bag. Simply amazing!

Now my little old rig can boast it comes with a bath and a path...
portable outdoor shower for RV by dear miss mermaid

The white water hose shown, is for the street water connection to the RV. The shower taps and handheld shower are housed in the opened cabinet just beyond the water hose. 

Since there is no one behind me (just forest) I have my new shower at an angle. 

So what's the ladder for?  Well, it holds the dry bath towel, the clothes I took off and the clothes I plan to put on after the shower. The shower door zips up, the windows have screens and privacy flaps. It came with strings and tent pegs so you can tie your privacy room down in case of winds. Yes, I have mine attached with lines and nailed down too. I don't want to be showering in my birthday suit when a gust a wind blows my shower away.  I know that would be hilarious to other campers, but not so funny for me. 
portable outdoor shower by dear miss mermaid

No slides?  That's right my RV is ancient and came with no slide outs to increase the living area. But that's OK. I set up my patio with shade from  the roll-out awning attached to the side of the RV, plus a patio mat, chairs, table, picnic table, a string of white holiday lights, and yes a clothes line too. This spot came with a fire pit and a grill.  I now spend 90% of my day outside.  Life is GOOD!  Spring has sprung!
lake hartwell by dear miss mermaid

Why buy a bigger RV when you can just add some extra storage space on the rear. Believe me adding in the cargo carrier was far cheaper than buying a larger RV. All I needed was some extra storage space and this fit the bill.

cargo carrier by dear miss mermaid

I am in my fourth year in my little old wheel estate. I never dreamed I would live so long and enjoy so much!  

Life is good. 


  1. Neat outside shower. During our sailing years, many times we showered with the shower bag hanging from a halyard:) Talk about lack of privacy!

  2. Have seen your posts at the RV Forum, purchased and enjoyed your Hurricanes book! My wife just finished reading it on her Kindle and I could tell when she was reading it by her chuckles and laughter as she read. Thanks! We'll be on the road this coming winter too, so if we ever cross paths, we'll have to see how our little friends get along. Our 8# pooch would feel like a big guy next to yours. He'd like that.

  3. Great your outside shower...wish I had one
    have a great day donna and maggie

  4. You have a wonderful outlook on life. That is so important to keep going.
    My friend gave me one of those outdoor shower or potty tents. I have an outside shower on this rig too. But never gave it a thought. Great idea.

  5. I wish I had an outside shower! I'd love to have a place to bathe my dogs when we travel. My cargo carrier is loaded with my doggie is one of my cabinet spots too. And a duffle bag that I carry on the floorboard of the passenger side. What we do for our little friends! We'd have it no other way :-) Love your outdoor space too. Make me jealous.

  6. Cool stuff you have got and you keep update all of us.
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