Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh Poo

Holy cow poop!

I live year round in my little old wheel estate. I'm staying in a campground that doesn't offer sewer hookups.  My toilet is flushing into a holding tank that is built into the RV.  I planned to empty my poop tank (also known as black water tank in the RV industry) at the end of my reservation here, which is Friday. 

Well, my poop tank broke on Tuesday.  I found a place to repair it 100 miles from here, and guess where I am going Thursday... to get it repaired, which means I lose a prepaid night at the campground.  

Daggum it. 

I am pissed off, pooped out and up to my elbows in broken shit.  

Oh Poo.

Life is funny.

Never a dull moment.  

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