Friday, June 20, 2014

Double Trouble

It's a beautiful day. I woke up alive, the sun came up, the birds are busy singing and tweeting. I wish I had a way to record them, it's like living in a bird paradise.

We have one confused woodpecker. I've tried unsucessfully to photogrpah him many times. He was pecking away on the metal of the street lamp planted on my lot. It made a racuous noise as he tapped away at the metal. All my pictures came out either blurry or empty (he flew away). But for weeks he kept up this pesky habit of loudly rat-a-tat-tatting on the street lamp metal.

Recently I caught him again, but now he is tapping away on the wooden pole.

Funny scams...

I know it's not funny to the victims, but I recently stumbled across this nugget of information.

A little background information first:
Lake Hartwell is a US Army Corps protected lake bordering on South Carolina and Georgia in 2 states and 6 counties with a shoreline nearly a thousand miles long. Homeowners who build on the lake can apply for a floating dock permit for their enjoyment and boating. Some folks build a covered dock for their boat with an upper deck for entertaining. This is commonly referred to as a double decker.

Thieves last year picked out a lovely 24 by 24 foot double decker dock to advertise for sale on Craigslist. A couple on the lake saw the ad and bought the dock for $4,000 cash after going to look at it. The sellers towed the dock across the lake to attach to the purchaser's property.

The big problem is, the thieves didn't own the dock. They stole it from another homeowner who was living out of state. Many lake homes are not occupied fulltime year round.

A few months later, the thief was caught, incredibly he lived nearby. I could understand if he came from across the country, did the evil deed then left town again. But um no. He lived in the area. Even funnier the purchaser's of the dock took pictures of him when he was setting up their "new" dock.

Life is goof...



  1. Beautiful Red-Headed Woodpecker They used to be quite common in South Dakota where I grew up, but you rarely see them there anymore.
    I got a good laugh out of the bumbling thief who let the buyers of "his" dock take photos of him setting it up. :D

  2. I actually had a call from a guy saying that he is from the IRA and we owe the money and we will be arrested if we do not pay the taxes. I told him that I do not talk to people about our taxes. He will have to contact H&R Block. He did not know who H&R Block were. He did not realize that he said IRA and not IRS
    Cute Woodpecker ! Thanks for sharing.


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