Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

So, not exactly Wordless Wednesday, but here are some photos from the park on Lake Hartwell which borders northwest South Carolina and northeast Georgia.
The nearly new floating fishing pier is wheel chair accessible.
It's tucked away in a small cove with a paved sidewalk from the parking area. It's the opposite end from my camping spot, but we walk over here every day.

Below is my favorite waste of time; playing Frisbee with the puppy dog. At our workamp site he has a green play area with a 50 foot line attached to an overhead 100 foot line so he can race after the flying Frisbee over a large area.

Today he was carrying the Frisbee sideways, a new technique he taught himself.

Often he grasps it in his mouth perpendicular, then races back to get me to throw it again. After 20-50 tosses, we are both wore out. Nobody counts, so we guess.
Below Harley is running towards me, carrying the Frisbee like a big gong dangling, but he holds his head in such a way, the Frisbee is actually an inch above the ground as he zips lickety-split back to me.

The 8 foot 8 ton picnic table gets heavy duty use from entertaining and using it as a project work bench. I move the umbrella around depending on where I want the shade. In the rear is a string of white Christmas lights used for night time lighting. The straps in back are attached on the right to the motorhome awning and to a camp lamp post on the left, to prevent (or mitigate) wind damage to awning frame.
Sailing buddies recently stopped by with lamb, ribs and shrimp for a barbecue in between sailing on the lake in their boats. The picnic table is about 3 feet away, the grill swivels 360 degrees for wind shifts.

Now that I have a big golf umbrella for walking the doggy in wet weather, I whimsically repurposed a tiny umbrella over the lamp post. I hung up my fly swatter, litter picker and broom to the post above the bicycle garage. The line off the left is the start of Harley's 100 foot overhead run through the yard.

The patio fire pit also has a grill.

This is my park office-living-dining-den patio. Not seen is the fire pit in the rear of the paved pad. Harley dog has outfitted his space with toys, bones and pillowed seats. We both enjoy living outdoors as much as possible.

Speaking of projects... I love to repurpose things so they serve multiple purposes as needed. The seat to this folding director's eventually rotted off. It's not made to be easily replaceable. But the frame is so heavy duty, I discovered it makes a nice table or step ladder. I carry short lengths of thick boards for leveling the camper when I am parked on a dirt or grass slope. Now 2 of the boards are temporarily taped together to make a table top. Covering it is a piece of vinyl I cut off from a window shade that was over 3 feet too long.It's wrapped and taped to the boards making a handy side table for the summer. Shown is my park brochures I keep in a rain proof container, the small crockpot  and the computer cord. The white cord on the patio is the park's phone line.

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