Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ship of Fools

Friday the 13th
Full Moon Rising
Lake Hartwell
South Carolina

I just discovered what an idiot I am. Um, well I know, you're probably wondering why it took me so long to figure this out...

I try to do certain things systematically since the head injury so that I don't accidentally do something monumentally stupid. Like the time I hooked up the washing machine which quick-connects to the bathroom sink, turned it on, then a half hour later noticed I had not jammed the water drain hose down the sink drain. Not only was the RV flooded but it poured out the front door and down the steps like a waterfall.


Whenever I am in the "toy box" which is a big cargo carrier on the rear of the RV, I close it right away and put the wind lock on it. The wind lock being a bungee cord thingy to keep the wind from blowing it open so I don't have to padlock it right away. The bungee cord latch also keeps the cargo carrier rain proof.

Recently a wonderful angel stopped by to visit and we ended up tackling a minor project on my bicycle.

So yesterday while digging out the wire ties and tools, about the 3rd time back there to the cargo carrier in back of the RV, for some FOOL reason I left the lid up. Why oh why did I do that? I always close it right away, so I don't have to THINK about it...

Well, as time marched on that afternoon, a huge storm came rolling in. My friend went home, doggy and I took cover inside the motorhome. The storm raged on all night long. The next day, I had no reason to go to the rear of my motorhome until late that evening.

That is when I noticed the cargo carrier with all my tools and RV supplies wide open and 2 feet deep in water.

Deep rain water in my now empty cargo box.

I was pretty tired, very upset, super agitated and like a girl... I just wanted to sit down and cry my eyes out. Somehow, I avoided the tears and began the thankless task of emptying out the entire cargo carrier while muttering under my breath. It was like pandora's box. I was utterly amazed at the mountain of tools and supplies I had stored in that box.

Some of the mess laid out for drying.

At one point I was still so upset, I said to hell with it. The doggy and I went on a nice long walk while litter picking. We even met some friendly folks who chatted us up and helped us with some of the litter. WOW! That so rarely happens and it was super refreshing!

Back at the RV, I began labourisouly drying off tools with microfiber rags while the box fan was positioned to blow air on them. Then I will need to coat them with a bit of oil. Oh what fun.

I am just so hopping mad at myself. But I will get over it.

A bored little doggy wanted to play Frisbee, so I was tossing the Frisbee, then drying off tools. Harley would race back with the Frisbee which he deposited into his chair. I would stop drying tools, toss the Frisbee, go back to drying tools while waiting for him to fetch and return.

At one point when he came back, I was now soaking a rag in oil for polishing and protecting the tools. I told him to wait a minute while I found something to wipe my hands dry. Somehow that little rascal quietly escaped his tether and ran off. What's even WORSE was I was busy for another few minutes and didn't notice!

Suddenly I look up and see a lady walking up the hill with a small dog. I jumped up, looking for my little dog who I was sure would be thrilled to have company, but he wasn't around. That's when I realized the small dog she was walking was MY little monkey!

Apparently he raced for the parking lot, found people messing about their boat so he inserted himself into their group. The woman realized where he had escaped from, coaxing him back up the hill with her.

With a big red face, I thanked her profusely while debating whether to love on my wayward puppy (who has no road sense at all) or scream at him for doing such a foolish thing. (He could have been run over!)

I guess we are just a ship of fools today.


  1. I have sailed on your ship more than once. I plugged in an extension cord, stretched it along a baseboard to get the proper length and cut it with scissors. Yes, it melted a notch in them and knocked me across the room. I did the same thing years later. I have also TWICE cut through an electric cord in small pools when I was pruning water plants. I have a nice circle melted out of the shears. I KNEW in all four cases that the cords were live but I FORGOT it as soon as I started working. My sympathies on the clean-up job.

  2. i'm the licensed electrician and da master plumber. joke. sorta. i have notched more side dikes than i can count. they don't allow me to have scissors. i've drowned just about everything i own. if you don't make any mistakes you ain't doin shit. stay out outta trees.

    peaceup raz the robot.

  3. Might be a good idea to drill a couple of drain holes in your storage bin.

  4. Murphys Law.. I miss your posts, I dont get them or a number of others that I have subscribed to..Have a great day Missmermaid!!


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