Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Doggy Time

Somehow May 25th came and went while I forgot it was Harley Dog's anniversary with me and this old motorhome. Four years ago the poor wretched waif entered my life. Neither of us were expected to live much longer, but with bizarre enthusiasm, we embarked on a journey of healing together.

At first, he wouldn't walk on a leash and I couldn't walk 100 feet. So I carried my little fur baby out to a bush, set him down to sniff and piddle. He would rapidly do his business, then cry pathetically until I picked him up again. Ten feet later, we would repeat this. Another ten feet. Now I had to rest. He seemed so heavy, I was so weak. Our walks were short and mostly I carried him the first week.

One day while he was watering some grass, he saw a squirrel. Suddenly he ran after him, while I leaped behind him with the leash. With a wee more encouragement, he decided maybe the leash could work. After all it was useful for dragging me where ever he wanted to go. This could be down right fun.

At the time we were camping in a friend's garden. Several times a day we went on super short walks while I tried to work on my stamina and he tried nine different ways to tangle up the leash. Whenever something spooked him, which was quite often, he would cry to be held. Often I had to carry him in my arms.

He was like a little baby. I enjoyed cuddling him, stroking his scant fur, and talking sweetly to him telling him that one day we would travel far and wide.

Four years later, we are both very much alive and having oodles of fun!


Maybe pets and people can heal together. I can't imagine my life without this bundle of joy.

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  1. So glad you and Harley found each other!! All I have is my dog too.
    Life would be really bad without her.Take care!!


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