Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bear, Fox, Bee, Wasp


Something has managed to occasionally get into the park's garbage cans here, scattering garbage far and wide. When John Q Public refuses to put the lid back on a can they have thrown garbage into, critters of the night show up to shop.

When I first arrived and the park was quiet, I saw some humongous claw markings on some trash bags, that made me think maybe a bear was coming around shopping for food. But now the area is so busy, if there was a bear, it has seemingly moved along as there has been no evidence of the large claw marks anymore.

Recently somebody left a bag of garbage in the park. Not sure where it came from, but something else came along, tore open a hole then pilfered through the spoils.


I was up around 4am. There is a super bright street light in the middle of the circular driveway that comes with my workamping RV site. Along comes something trotting up the driveway, then past my motorhome, maybe 5 feet from my window. I was astounded to realize as it got closer that it was a well fed gray fox. He wasn't in a hurry. Not skittish. Just trotting home from a night of foraging.

Behind my motorhome, I had noticed a critter path through the thick woods. I've tried to show it to others, I can see it plain as day, but others don't see it when I point it out. I might as well be talking about a stairway to heaven.

Funny how the brain works I guess. Maybe I am just used to looking for wild animal trails that I notice them even when they are through thick brush. Well the sly fox went trotting down the critter trail. Well, now I know. The sly fox made that trail. This might explain what Harley fusses about some nights. Because Harley is so small, I never leave him outside unattended. I've seen a massive hawk or eagle flying around here that is just huge. At night of course, Harley is safely inside with me. But sometimes he goes wild hopping from window to window barking up a storm but I never saw the fox until now. Harley slept through his trot-by anyhow.

Did you know that the fox can climb trees and leap from limb to limb? That makes me want to get out the old pics and go back through them. A few years back when I was workamping with a fancier camera in a more remote location, I would snap pics of the woods whenever I heard strange noises. Later I would download and enlarge the pics, poring over them looking for bigfoot or something that made that noise.

One pic I distinctly remember, there were a set of eyes high up in the distance, like something in a tree. I was thinking it might be a mountain lion or bobcat, but I didn't know until recently that foxes have strong hooked claws that enable them to retreat to the trees and even leap from limb to limb. Simply amazing.


Yesterday I swept, cleaned and mopped my RV vinyl tile floors. A thankless job that always needs a helping hand. Today I was reaching across the bed to get something off the nightstand when something chopped off my foot. Well that is how it felt!

I screamed and hopped around on one leg trying to get cold water out of the shower to soak my other foot which was in extreme pain. The hot temps had heated up my outside water hose, so that all I was getting was solar hot water. It was rapidly swelling up and it hurt beyond belief. I stepped on a wasp or bee. Not sure which but it was inside my motorhome laying on the floor. I was so angry I managed to sweep him up then flush him down the sink drain. That's why I don't know if it was a bee or a wasp.

I have no idea. I was angry and in pain.

It knocked me for a loop, I was frightened from the extreme pain. I tried to call for help, but couldn't reach anybody. I was too confused to try to get the motorhome ready to drive for help. Finally I just laid down in my bed, praying and meditating that I wouldn't have an extreme reaction. I was stroking my puppy dog's fur wondering what would become of me and him. I wanted to open up the window so he could escape if I perished, but I was also suddenly enjoying the cool air conditioning. We had been outside all day. I came inside to turn on the AC and get something off my nightstand. I don't even remember now what I came to get.

I laid on the bed thinking I was swirling around, it was the strangest feeling. I guess I just dozed right off.

A few hours later the phone was ringing. I woke up with a throbbing foot. Oh my gosh I am still in pain. A friend many miles away was returning my call and giving me helpful suggestions about my stinger.

I am still limping around in pain. Back to bed for me, it's dark thirty now anyhow.

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