Friday, June 27, 2014

Sea Roses

My blogs have slowed down some, but this is temporary, not to worry.

Just a few stumbling blocks with problems every where I turned it seemed. I still keep plastering a smile on my silly face, hoping for the best.

Sea Roses Monet

I never knew until today that Claude Monet painted this lovely scene titled Sea Roses. I look at this painting and I just want to go sit by the waters edge in a comfy rocking chair.

When I lived aboard my sailboat she was named Sea Rose. I towed a dingy named Sea Weed.

Later when I acquired a beat up old heap of a rusty jeep for my business, I christened her Rose Royce.

Years back I posted Name My Motorhome. A few readers came up with some very creative names, but I never really settled on one. Recently someone suggested I name it Rolling Rose.

And of course Harley Dog has his own ideas...

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