Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Strings and Tin Cans

Doorbell broken.

Yell DING DONG cause we can't hear ya knocking.


Loading up heading out, sailing the byways and highways to parts unknown. In all the chaos and grief, I forgot to make reservations. Spring break is in full force and Florida is busy. An explosion of vacationers seem to be everywhere, so where I camp next is up in the air.

Typically I make sure I have prepaid reservations during all the peak times when others are vacationing.


I've got some ideas (shhh... it's a secret) of where I might take refuge.

My cell phone died again. I can't tell if it's the company or the phone or the tower or what. This has been an ongoing problem that the phone company randomly solves, then a few hours, or days later, it happens all over again. Maddeningly, they cut off the voice mail at the same time, so anyone that calls me thinks I've changed my number or discontinued service.

I spoke to a close friend recently who was frantic thinking something dreadful had happened to me because they got this same message over and over, that I had changed my number or discontinued service, when I have not done any such thing.

The year 2015, all this fancy technology and I can't make  or receive phone calls, on 3 different phones (2 cell and 1 computer).

What is America coming to?  When did making a simple phone call become such a huge massive ordeal that takes weeks to complete?

I thought that Alexander Bell guy figured out how we could make a call in just a few seconds, about a hundred something years ago...

I had a second backup "pay as you go" cell phone but a few months ago, it stopped working. Numerous phone calls to that company and they claim it was reported stolen, so they cancelled the account. Well, I certainly didn't report it stolen, it's right here with me. They promised to turn it back on, but guess what. They didn't. More hour long phone calls to them, talking to computers, listening to awful music-hold, eventually speaking to folks that sometimes can't understand my American accent or I can't understand what the last technician meant when she said "You need gloops! You have gloops this not happen!"

Hours... days... later.... another techie said it would be resolved in 3 hours. That was weeks ago. Phone dead and "no gloops."

So I will be rolling down the highway with possibly no phone service at all. I am so shocked and surprised my internet is working, I do have a computer phone, but it only works IF I have internet service and have the laptop turned on and running. I have to use the speaker built-into the laptop, it's not something I can just hold up to my ear and use. My internet company has been giving me chaos off and on for about a year. Not going into that now either...

I am writing this on park wifi that is surprisingly working at the moment, usually it's so overloaded I have to wait until 3 am to get on it.

Well, never mind. I woke up alive and for that I am super thankful.

If you want to reach me, tie a string to a tin can and yell "ring ring ring!"

Time to pack it all up and roll away.


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  1. I think it was minute made. 2 cans and a string. Those were the days.

  2. I have a flip phone and refuse to upgrade. It's the second replacement I have bought used on the internet. The last time AT & T lied to me I told them I would never buy another phone from them. For less than $20 I can still buy the model I like.

    Today I was helping my son clear some property. I could see a cell tower and kept getting no service message. This is a very small town but I have no cell service there. There is service before you get there and after you leave but not in the town. They must have mad someone mad.

  3. Please dont shut down Mss Mermaid..your stories give me reason to go on...i read u daily..was so sad your brother crossed over..but am always in awe of your ability to keep going on!

  4. You brought tears to my eyes.

    I shall endeavor to persevere.


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