Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A Tour Of Tiny Home Living

For you sticks and bricks folks...

A view of tiny home life!

I rotated the front passenger seat, then sat down to take this picture. My upholstery is from 1994, and holding up. The kitchen wall is still standing despite me adding baskets, hooks, magnets and other accouterments.

To the left is my front door. The screen door has been converted to a plexiglass door, so I can have loads of extra daylight and sunshine when the AC or heat is running. I love natural daylight. 

I am always looking to squeeze in more useful storage. In this case I've added 2 white plastic drawers underneath the table at the far end (see picture below) one on each side. Amazon sells these add-a-drawer kits (click for info). They hold a ton of junk like pencils, pens, paper, stapler, scotch tape, measuring tape, labels, calculator, dog treats, keys, spare change, dust, dirt, stamps, envelopes and so on. 

Across the back of the wall, I added a shelf. It's actually an upside down valance that used to live over the bathroom window to hide the shade. The two green pillows are nearly new. Another RVer was cleaning house and I got the pillows. They didn't like the weird flowers on them, neither do I, so I turn the flowers to face the wall. The green was the perfect shade to coordinate with my upholstery. What luck!

At a normal sitting height, you can't see all the storage mess hidden below. Thank goodness for small favors. All those wires connect my laptop computer, the TV which is on a stand attached to the table, the cable for the TV antenna on the roof and speaker cords, so I can hook up the tiny MP3 player or the TV or the computer. The RV came with a crummy metal table leg that was kind of awful. I replaced it with a wooden leg

Recently I found a throw rug the perfect size for keeping under the dining booth. It sure helps keep my feet warm. 

The white table can disappear into the wall leaving a tiny triangle cocktail table. The basket on the left just above the table has a small bungee cord running through it then attached to hidden hooks on the sides. This keeps the basket and its contents from sliding into the floor when driving.  I found this basket at a Goodwill Store. 

A few years back a huge tree branch knocked a hole in my galley. Now I have an opening hatch with an anemic fan there. 

Beyond the refrigerator is the split bathroom. I love the new white shower door because it helps light up the area. I am not fond of the wood work, I wish it were painted. Maybe one day I will get around to it. Some is real wood, but most of it is fake wood or thin veneer. I can't leave well enough alone, so I decorated the freezer door with some whimsical tulips. 

The cabinet above the refrigerator stays warm, so I store rice, pasta, dried beans and grains in that cabinet. 

My kitchen always looks a bit chaotic but it's a fun happy place to be with assorted herbs, spices and condiments. I stuck some buttercups on the wall, might as well make it look even busier! The faux grapes are $2 of fun and foolishness. They were in a discount bin and fell into my shopping buggy. The bunches light up. Every grape has a hidden LED. At night it provides fun ambient lighting. It took me over an hour to hide the cord for the lights. I am still using the original microwave from 1994. 

Inside my oven are pans I've nested together such as pizza pan, big fry pan, wok, rice pot, sauce pot, strainer, colander, broiling pan, cookie sheet, pie pan and a small fry pan. I have thin rubber shelf liner, that I've cut up into squares to separate the nesting pans. This keeps them from clanging and banging as I go bouncing down the highway. The red round timer is magnetic and helps remind me not to boil the eggs dry. I once did that and the resulting mess when they started exploding was not pretty. One of the wall baskets holds small Corelle plates I found at Goodwill for a bargain. They are handy for snacks, salads, appetizers and desserts. 

Below is the view while standing at the kitchen sink. I shortened the booth table to make things a tad roomier. It's nice for 2 for dining. When I have friends over to eat we typically dine outside at a square folding table I travel with. The brass planters on the right bulkhead were found at Goodwill. They are permanently attached to hold remote control, cell phone, headphones, pens, pencils, errant keys and dog treats. 

Above is the guest loft. There are curtains to close off the bunk as well as a long curtain to close off that area. Above the windshield curtains are rolled up that can be dropped down at night.The sun visors hold them in place. A hidden ladder is stored above the cabinets for accessing the guest loft. It has a queen bunk with a memory foam topper, claret cotton sheets, creamy cotton summer blanket and a green comforter plus a few pillows. There is hidden storage on both ends of the bed. The TV rotates around to face the chairs or the kitchen or the booth. 

Five years and rolling! 

Life is goof. 

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