Saturday, July 04, 2015

Dreamy Bedded Sofa

Not just for kitchens.

Camco makes an Oak Accents Countertop Extension, available at Amazon. There is no room for this nifty folding table in my kitchen, but that's OK. I seriously needed it in my bedroom to make my sofa bed comfy.

My motorhome did not come with a couch or sofa. That's OK.

I have a big imagination when it comes to making things do double, triple and quadruple duty.

I bought some jumbo pillows at a nearly new shop to convert my rear bed to the most comfortable sofa I have ever lounged on. I use the big pillows as backing and the normal sleeping pillows as arm rests.

The extreme comfort I enjoy while sleeping or lounging is because of my mattress. It too was bought from Amazon, because none of the mattress stores carried the type I wanted. I needed a custom built Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress. They custom build these on a scale of 1-10. I bought the softest one available due to my unique physical challenges. I don't regret this one bit. For me it's like floating on a cloud of pure heaven. (And I hope heaven feels this great!)

Actually a dear sweet departed angel bought my mattress for me as a generous gift a few years back. Every time I lay on it, I stare heavenward and thank them. It started with me rattling off about my mattress research. My friend was astonished that I had spent months researching all different types of mattresses when I couldn't even afford to buy one. I spoke often about the torture my old (then 17 year old) mattress was chronically inflicting on my wounded body. I joked I needed pain pills to survive sleeping!

My friend used my extensive research to choose a new mattress for themselves and surprised me with a gift of offering to buy me any mattress I wanted. I had already settled on the dreamy idea of the custom latex mattress in my research. It was a delightful surprise, almost 3 years ago. I'd still rather have my friend alive, but I guess I just can't have it all.

My teeny tiny bedroom has one nightstand with 2 drawers builtin. The other end of the bed has nothing. I discovered I could add the folding table to this closet wall by the bed. Now I have and end table on both ends of the bed. I can fold this out of the way when not desired.
I stuck a felt strip on the metal part of the folding table leg so that when I am driving it will ride quietly, not banging and a clanging. Now when I want to prop up to watch a movie, I can put my iced tea and popcorn on the folding table. Even if I rearrange my sack of bones for more comfort, the table isn't affected by my erratic movements. I was pleased that it's a good looking table with a nice hunk of oak. You can see from the windows that it is raining pretty hard outside.

The 3 brown square pillows were bought at a nearly new shop with proceeds going to help homeless pets. The pillows are  covered in Ultrasuede, they looked new. However, I did vacuum them on both sides with my HEPA filter vac, to remove any prior dirt and traces of former use. I still vacuum them from time to time to keep them fluffed up and dirt free. The big red pillow I found discounted in a pet department. I loved the feel and comfort of it, so I added it to the collection. Funny that a pet pillow was far more comfortable than the "human" pillows. Well, I am like a wild animal anyhow. I eat when hungry and sleep when tired, irregardless of what the clock reads .
You can see a glimpse of the new folding table to the left and the existing builtin nightstand to the right. I can make the bed up neater than shown, but with the soft mattress, coupled with a mattress topper plus a thick fluffy comforter, well my bed is often looking softly lumpy.

I didn't really need a fluffy mattress topper for my new mattress, but I had already bought it at a Big Lots heavily discounted to try to improve my old tortuous inner spring mattress. It did nothing to improve that old bag of rusty rocks. It's too big to store anywhere and not sure anyone wants a used mattress topper since I spilled coffee in bed. I cleaned it up quickly, but the stains just never came out of the mattress topper. So I stuck it on top of the new mattress. Waste not want not. It's hidden under the sheets, so no one can see the coffee stains anyhow.

I read somewhere that the most comfortable beds were composed of layers and the more the merrier when it comes to comfort.

My bedding is stacked up like this:
10 inch Latex mattress (on a platform)
electric mattress warmer
fluffy mattress topper
fitted sheet
flannel duvet cover over a
thick soft comforter
topped with a simple reversible quilt
4 jumbo pillows
5 feather pillows

I used to have a mattress pad to try to hold it all together, but it was looking so old and sad I tossed it out. It came with the motorhome, so no telling how old it was.

I figure on a good day, I am still spending about a third of my life in bed. When I am sick or recuperating, I spend a bit more time resting. If it's pouring down rain, I might relax to a movie spread out lounging on my bed sofa.

Life is goof!

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