Thursday, July 23, 2015

Motorhome Breaks Down

I just can't decide about this post.

How not to RV

RVing Misadventures

Angels and Devils

Having Way Too Much Fun

The Good, The Bad, The Comedy

MY RV innards threw up all over the place. (I thought I was the only one allowed to do that.) 

The good news... 
I have Wifi.

The bad news... 
My RV broke down and can't move an inch under its own power.

The comedy... 
It broke down blocking the entrance to an RV park in the middle of nowhere. 

Can you imagine? 

If I wasn't laughing so hard, I would be crying.

The good news... 
Angels appeared and in 95 effin degree weather of heat and humidity, pushed my RV with sheer brutal force towards a downward slope in the RV park then I coasted into a grassy parking spot with electric, water and sewer. I guess you could say they will do ANYTHING to attract (and keep!) new customers. 

I owe those Good Samaraitans a bundle of thanks and gratitude and hugs and kisses and money and my first born child. (They won't accept the canine kid as payment.)

The Bad news...
I don't have a plan yet.

The end result...

I am fine, the doggy is fine. The motorhome is not so fine but what the heck, I woke up alive and life is goof (But all this fun is exhausting!)



  2. Thank you for one of the most touching blog posts of the year. Hope your rig gets well.


  3. ssssoooo what came apart? what next?

    gelato. raz

  4. I must admit you were hard to find :) Too bad about Home on Wheels but am sure you will be on your way soon. Open the vino and chill. Tell Monkey I'm still mad at him for the anger attack!

    The Troutman


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