Sunday, August 09, 2015

Fun and Frolic

woke up alive, gorgeous day, tried to get dressed,  somehow became tangled up resulting in  a 20 minute one handed fight with my undies, they won, ding ding! i was breathless and giggling as i finally gave up and threw them in the garbage,,, that'll teach them... to mess with me...

ok...  going commando style...

spent another 10 minutes fussing with a pair of shorts... but by golly i got them up and on... after a bucket of sweat, 9 curse words, 14 grunts and 3 impossible yoga moves...

the shirt i picked out wouldn't fit over the huge arm splint... sigh... the next one wouldn't button up right with my one handed attempts, finally fought my way into a t-shirt type tunic only to discover i had it on backwards...

if you need some fun and frolic in your routine, i recommend trying to dress yourself with one hand tied behind your back... it will add 2 hours of endless giggles to your day...

yippee doodle doo wah...

still typing with one hand, pardon the mess, speaking of a mess... here is my pooch guarding his frisbee while distracted, tangled and in constant motion, taken a day or two before my slimed by a river slam accident

life is goof...


  1. You are sounding so much better. If I could be anywhere near you I would help. Stay safe. Martha Petru

  2. bless your heart and thank you so much

  3. Glad you can still type. I get my shirts on backwards from time to time, even with two good hands.

  4. I wouldn't worry about putting your clothes on backwards. Last week I went to the Dr with my shirt on wrong and this week I had my skort on backwards . It's much better to laugh than cry.
    Wish I could be of some help but I am in Fl.
    Harley looks colorful!


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