Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Arm Is Alive

I went back to Greenville Ortho Trauma yesterday after descending 70 miles from mountains to Piedmont. I can't get over how much nerve racking fun it is to be a passenger in my little old motorhome.

The surgeon was concerned about the teeth marks on my cast. My friend piped up "Oh she does that in her sleep, tries to gnaw off her arm..."

My friend is extremely tolerant of my backseat driving. I can't ride in the front passenger seat because it gets too complicated since doggy sits on the lap of whoever sits there. When it's just me and him, or he and I, he is of course accustomed to having the passenger seat all to himself, outfitted with pillow, blanket and bed. If someone else is riding in the front passenger seat, then Harley dog still claims it, by sitting on their lap. It's not just a cute little curled up doggy either, he might be standing on two legs on your lap, hanging out the window, or stretched out floppy style sleeping with legs dangling down the sides of your thighs, or if he thinks we are near a campground, then one is smothered in dog kisses of joy.

With me in such pain, trying to hold doggy, buckle seat belt on left side with right hand, prop up sprained ankle, navigate for driver, sip water, chew gum... well it's just too much especially when I say OWIE OR #$%^&*  every few minutes, sometimes followed by muffled screams.

Yep, I am just a sack of fun these days!

Oops have to clear the table... more later... the air conditioner repairman is driving up, warranty work will be completed soon.

THANK YOU to my readers and angels, both earthly and heavenward. 


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  1. i know you were in trouble when you mentioned gum. robot detector is on to me. prove it pal. the pictures are immensely better that the psychedelic numbers/ i should know.

    sherbet. raz


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