Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Message in a Bottle

Washed up Ashore, in a bottle from Gulfport, Mississippi:

Hi Miss Mermaid,
Thanks for being concerned about us here where Katrina hit.
Ida is making her presence known now with gusty winds and blowing rain.I
don't know how bad it is along the waterfront but I'm sure there's some
tidal fooding occuring.I'm about 5 miles inland and its stormy right
I trust you are doing well and that you are healthy now.Glad that the
Virgin Islands escaped any run-ins with the tropical systems this year.
Take care. :)


INCREDIBLE Mikey, Ida came to where I am holed up in South Carolina, dumping torrential icy cold rains on us with hugh gusty winds that sent the turning leaves on a wild roller coaster ride high above the garden.

By the way... nice web page!


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