Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keep Dear Miss Mermaid Writing

Dear Miss Mermaid is fervently working on 3 more books, yes 3! But the only way to keep her writing is to support her tuna addiction by buying her books or calendars or graphic designs available on various products including apparel and housewares. Otherwise Dear Miss Mermaid has to go get an outside job flipping burgers or something to support her writing addiction. Your support gets more books out on the market sooner and for this, she is eternally grateful!

Save yourself time, gas and stress, shop from your computer for Christmas, wrap and tag your gifts, and call it a "done deal!"

For Christmas gifts you have several bargains to choose from on buying Dear Miss Mermaid's latest book "Hurricanes and Hangovers (and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph)"

It makes a GREAT gift for anyone who likes to laugh! One size fits all!

Buy 2 or more books from Amazon and get FREE SHIPPING

Buy direct from Dear Miss Mermaid through Amazon and get $1 off (pay $14.99 instead of $15.99 for the book, this is for you folks that are feeling the pinch and need a break)

Get a copy SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR and shipped by Dear Miss Mermaid through Amazon for $17.99 (the extra $2 goes towards the hospital bills, see the July and August blog links at bottom of page for hospital details)

ALL order ship WORLDWIDE!

Also note that, once you use any of these links to enter Amazon, anything else you buy at Amazon (the same day) provides Dear Miss Mermaid a small referral commission.

Shop for 2010 Calendars designed by Dear Miss Mermaid and on sale through CafePress.Com/DearMissMermaid . Choose from six designs that include stunning photographs, a different one for each month. You can even preview all the photos before buying. All calendars ship worldwide, as do the numerous other products available there too.

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