Saturday, November 21, 2009


I haven't written much at all about what's happened to Dear Miss Mermaid...

She set off traveling 6 or 7 weeks ago. She had one of her trusted buddies with her; a cat who has resided with her for about 9 years. They were planning to acquire and old used motorhome and go on a book tour (promoting and selling books and finishing up the next book).

In sailor terms:
She set sail and on the final leg of the first day's journey, the mermaid's cat of 9 years, escaped. He is presumed alive and living among pirates. DMM detoured and searched fervently then she ended up marooned far inland, about 60 miles from where the cat vanished, also inland.

To find the putty-tat, she bought a wreck of a car (which was not the original intended mode of travel) and began traveling back to the area searching for the errant feline to no avail. Yes, it's a running wreck, banged up and only 20 years old, but the engine runs great.

DMM became seriously ill again, and further physical searches for the pussy cat temporarily ceased although a few neighborhood posters were put up, the neighborhood is very rural with few places to post at all.

Meanwhile, to aid in finding the errant cat, DMM offered a reward, utilized an automated fee-paid phone call alert service, attempted to hire a cat tracker, posted numerous Internet ads, bought newspaper ads in 8 newspapers, posted neighborhood posters and mailed out 1,000 custom printed postcards offering a reward for the kitty cat.

And still no critter.

Meanwhile, a very sad and lonely DMM continues to be marooned, on a friend's sofa, while she recuperates, looks for the missing feline and contemplates her future. Previously, a friend donated two stuffed kitties to keep her company in the hospital, and they are still keeping stoic company with her now.

None of this was in the original plans, when DMM set out. Searching for the beloved cat, has turned out to be expensive and practically eliminated the traveling kitty (funding) as well.

You plan one thing, then something else entirely different happens.

I guess that's called life.

DMM is working on plan B, that life might have to go on, even with the cat missing in action and this has been one tough pill to swallow that Dear Miss Mermaid just spits right back up. She refuses to give up hope or searching for the lost cat. 51 days and counting.

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  1. Hey that's sad, losing your cat in transit. Hope it turns up


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