Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Email for Dear Miss Mermaid!

I haven't been able to access my email or computer for a few days now. First AOL started randomly crashing, then my laptop computer crashed. Granted it is old technology, for economic reasons, I need to slug away with it as long as possible. I can't just rush out and buy a new computer, when I have all these medical bills looming heavily over my head.

I've always paid my bills, but this medical nightmare has really thrown a monkey wrench into things. Income went down, bills went up and suddenly things are a mess.

Also, I was working part-time for a company that saw my sudden hospitalization as a reason not to pay me my back earnings. Shame on them! I continue to try to collect, and they continue to try to dodge me.

Sooooooooo.......... if you read my blogs and wonder why I haven't been able to update, it's because some of my blogs are email driven and some are not. Either way I need a computer to write.

I am trying to uninstall AOL and the install their new 9.5 version and see if that helps. My current version doesn't seem to work at all, possibly because my computer crashed a lot lately.

Oh my goodness, please don't force me into widows Vista. I've worked with it and found it horrible and don't wish to work with it again.

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