Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crystal Lake

Happy Holidays!  I'm on the road again. Sort of. I am terribly ill, but to avoid the $1,000 day fine if I continued in my workamping job, seemed a bit absurd.

Orange County, Florida has a new law, you may not have an RV of any size or type on your personal property. You may not have any RV visitors, not even for 10 minutes. Orlando is located in Orange County. You may not even have your own boat stored on your own property. Why did the homeowners agree to such a County wide law?  Do many even know about it?

The homeowners I was working for, certainly knew nothing about it.  Yet they were threatened with a $1,000.00 a day fine for having me work for them and park on their private property. 


I am terribly ill, but I did manage to move the RV about 45 miles to Crystal Lake Rv Park in Mims Florida, near the spacecoast. I only planned to stay a night, but I was much worse today. I did let the puppy drag me around the park for a few walks today, but otherwise I was in bed trying to get well. So we are staying here another night. 

It did finally warm up today, I had to change out of my winter sweater dress into a summery outfit. I took a long hot shower. I forgot to unclog the plumbing first. I had bought a bottle of drain openener to pour down the shower first, but I forgot. 

The hot shower almost made me feel human again. Afterwards, it took the water a half hour to drain. Once it was drained, I got out the drain opener bottle, took the cap off, then somehow dropped the bottle.  Ah fiddlesticks!

Drano splashed all over two throw rugs and one towel. So I had to take them outside, and wash them off with a garden hose.  They aren't dry yet, so I am leaving them out overnight on the picnic table. 

Puppy has already made doggy and human friends in the park. I am so weak, I can't walk briskly with him. So we had to just take  a wander rather than a walk. He was thrilled not to have on his usual pile of sweaters and a coat, but just a little vest that has a built-in harness.

He met a real cute girl doggy, later on, she came out wearing her red Christmas dress.  

Harley was looking his usual wild self. People still ask me "WHAT kind of dog is THAT?"  Men seem to like him better than women, maybe because he looks so rugged in spite of being so tiny. 

I am off to bed again, to try to get well. Have a happy safe New Year's Eve!

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