Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ya Better Watch Out!

Hello my dear friends, gentle readers, fellow RV-ers, dog lovers, cat lovers, Mermaid lovers and  treasured Angels.

Nice of you to stop by! 

I just realized that today is the 22nd of December but my archive only shows 13 blogs for the month. I typically post everyday, so now I need to check my drafts. Maybe some got lost along the way, are stuck somewhere, never posted.  For a few daze I was flying pie on pain hills, so no telling what happened in my boggy brain.

Soon, I hope to hit the road, well, I haven't much choice. The local government regulations are against the homeowners allowing me to park my small motorhome on their property. Two of the occupants are disabled, hence I was summoned to come help out the family.

Everyone is a bit upset at this turn of events, but still we are striving to make the holidays cheerful and stress free. The big bad county inspector, did see it in his bureaucratic heart to grant us a temporary reprieve. But that runs out the end of December and Ho Ho Ho, I have 9 days to relocate. I guess he didn't want a lump of coal in his stocking this year.

I have NO idea where I am going. Somewhere in the semi-warm-cold sun belt of the lower 48.

My canine kid, Wolfman Harley, has loved being here too, because he has playmates, and other humans to shower his love on. But he still likes being "an only pet"  something that could be a problem, if I get a kitty.

I surely miss my cats. Getting used to this goofy dog with the scrappy looks has been interesting, no doubt.  There is no kitty in my future. Just one of those things I sort of dream about, everything I see a cat. I miss my cats. Boo hoo hoo. 

I was in an RV parts store that had two gorgeous cats for staff. One was a beautiful blond tabby that loved to talk. He was giving me quite a sales pitch too. The other was a huge fluffy black cat with beautiful long fur that was louging on top of a bathtub box. She appeared to be immaculately groomed. Indeed she spent much of her time washing and primping while I was longingly gazing at kitchen sinks while taking sidelong glances at the big kitty. She momentarily stopped her grooming, glared at me, as if to say, "You had better buy something to keep my tuna bowl full."

The lady cashier, looked at the price of my little part, declaring she had one much cheaper, if I would take it in black plastic, rather than metal, which is what I wanted in the first place. That  change saved me 60%.  Whew!  What a nice helpful lady. I guess those cats want to keep her in line, keep the customers happy so we come back again.

Well, I am off and running, doing errands for others. Driving in big city traffic is my least favorite thing, but my puppy is going along for the ride, so at least I won't be lonesome.

I just piled on boots, long pants, and a heavy sweater.  Now I see the outside temperature has risen to 66F. Oh my gosh. Do I have to change my clothes again?  I guess I will drive with the windows down and enjoy some cool winds.  At least I won't be cold.  

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