Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Silly Dog, Silly Me

It was 30F degrees when I woke up in Orlando this morning. Yippie...  Not that it's cold, but yippie, that puppy and I woke up alive.  Well, I did. My little pooch is still sleeping.  I'm still in pain, but it shall pass. (It better!)
I love to be parked in the woods.
Last autum, I spent a few glorious days at Lake Reidsville in North Carolina

Puppy dog was up late last night at my friend's house, playing with their canine kid. Eventually he was pestering me to go home, then it dawned on me, he was tired, wanting his own little cozy bed to curl up in.  By the time we got back to the motorhome, he was ready for his latest bedtime routine. First he wanted to fight with Bo-Bo Senior, his long skinny semi-stuffed toy, that resembles a cartoon weenie dog.  Bo-Bo is bigger than the puppy. Next we played tug of war with Bo-Bo, followed by Bo-Bo tossing.  I would toss Bo-Bo from the bed to the living area, while puppy fetched, gleefully hopping back up on my bed, with Bo-Bo Senior held firmly in his mouth.  Then he wanted to fetch the tennis ball while I threw that down the length of the indoor aisle.  

We are like two naughty kids, tossing toys around, hoping we don't break anything.

Finally, I showed little Harley; THE BRUSH.  He used to tremble at the sight of it, but now he is delighted when the brush comes out. I start as gently as I can, stroking his bits of fur forwards, then backwards.  Hmm... that didn't come out right. I brush it the way it lays, then I brush it in reverse, so his fur stands up and fluffs out.  It's hard to do all of him, because usually he flops right over, as if his muscles have suddenly gave way.  I don't bother to stand him back up. I just brush whatever fur I can reach, while he closes his eyes, falling fast asleep.

This cold snap has meant me dressing him in layers when he wakes up in the morning.  Walks have been brisk.  He seems to suddenly be eating more.  He needs some meat on those bones. He may fit in the crockpot, but there is no meat on him. His underweight problem has been a hard battle. Most dogs love to devour as much food as proffered.

The vets have checked him over for this and that, but he just had such a rough start in life with 5 months with another family that fed him Doritos and Corn Chips, not a healthy diet for a puppy at all. Now he gets a great diet with a wide assortment of healthy foods. This gives him boundless energy, which he readily burns off, by incessant playing, chasing, walking, running, flying and loving. He is an enthusiastic doggy. When bored, he will attack the first human he can find, usually me, and torture them with gratitude and doggy kisses.  He flies around the motorhome, up on the bed, the seats, the back of the dining booth or the top of the driver's seat, which affords him a nice perch for viewing out the windows when we are parked.
Puppy loves this perch, when we are parked.
For a silly dog, he looks so serious, when his picture is snapped.

I've never seen a doggy jump such great heights as he does. Recently, he astounded my friends and I, by jumping vertically nearly four feet to reach a new perch. This is a small dog, half the size of a house cat. How does he do that?  Maybe his knees are spring loaded like a cat's.

My formatting on this blog keeps messing up. I don't know if the template has a glitch or if I am just techno-challenged.  

Harley and Bo-Bo Junior get ready for a trip.
Bo-Bo Senior is bright green and much larger.

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  1. Hi Miss Mermaid. Love your puppy dog. Aren't they a pain in the butt as well as a delight with their routines, that you must follow or you'll get bugged to death? I hope you have a wonderful New Year and that next year is the best one ever in your life.

  2. Sometimes I think my doggy is so smart! After all, he has ME trained really well...


Life is goof!