Friday, December 24, 2010

My Gift To You

This is my Merry Christmas, Happy Holidaze yule log, complete with a beautiful rendition of  "Silent Night" that will surely make you pause for the cause.   You can have your own copy on your computer for free (see below).  It's my gift to any and all gentle readers who would love to have their very own fireplace. 

You can download your own version to your computer for free, a tiny gift from little old Dear Miss Mermaid. There is no malware or virus.  Just right click on this link and select "Save target as" then the download will begin. 

If you live in an RV, or somewhere without a fireplace, enjoy this download to play anytime you like.

I guess you are wondering why you might want a fireplace video on your computer. Well, in the Caribbean, we didn't have fireplaces. The last few years, when I was not working Christmas Day, I had friends over for dinner and holiday cheer.  I had previously spent years working the holidays either as a charter yacht chef or a private chef in  exotic vacation villas.  I remember the first Christmas I didn't have to work, it was a strange feeling, not to be working hard to make someone else's Christmas holidays near perfect with sumptuous foods and stress free entertainment. 

Back in the Caribbean, my office was set up in the corner of the living room, of my small apartment, so my laptop was always parked at the desk. I would put my fireplace video on repeat and let it play nonstop in full screen mode, during the holidays, when I wasn't working at the computer. Naturally, my friends found this rather hilarious. It helped to put us in a festive mood. 

Later I uploaded my fireplace video with "Silent Night" for others to enjoy at YouTube (identical to the above version).  

If you want the YouTube links to embed this video into your own webpage or blog, you can find it here:
Christmas Yuletide Log from MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Just follow the instructions for embedding into your web code or blog. 

I hope these instructions work fine, if not you can email me at info@DearMissMermaid.Com 

Happy Holidays to one and all. 

Feel free to share this blog with your friends. 

May you have a wonderful holiday!  I pray you have a stress free time, that your belly is fed and that you are well loved. I certainly love you all, for stopping by today. 

If you have too many leftovers, remember there are numerous homeless people, right in your town. Many are fed at Christmas by charities, but many are not fed at all, the days following Christmas. 

Don't like what Santa Claus brought you this year?  Wrap it back up and pass it on to someone who needs it. 

Please don't be scared of homeless people. The vast majority are honest sane people, who fell on hard times. Most are not criminals at all, a clear misconception people often assume about the homeless.  A tiny minority are lost in their tortured souls, physically or mentally unable to keep body and soul together on a regular basis. 

As one homeless man explained to me, "If I were a criminal, I wouldn't be homeless. Criminals rob, steal or cheat to make a living.  I'm just an honest man who fell on bad times." 

Spread the cheer. Smile.  Smiling, even when you are alone, will instantly make you feel better. 

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