Friday, December 10, 2010

Pain Fills Are Pun

I love this picture, it is so serene.
I took it last summer, when I was stayed with the Shawnee Nation.  


Pain fills are pun!  

I can see now, how and why people become addicted to them. I am flying high, feeling great on these pin pails.


Oh yes, I did make it to the doctor, the other day, yesterday?  He picked my pockets, did minor surgery,  by bleeding all over the place and groaning and moaning. They gave me drugz, oxygen, more rugs, shots and heck, I forget what else. Oh yes, a candy cane with eyes and antlers on it. We gave it to the Salvation Army ding-a-linger and all the change from the farm drugs.

They could have cut my head off, and I wouldn't have noticed. I have been trying to avoid all prescription  drills and pugs.  But what the heck, these fan fills are pun!


I don't remeber coming home coming home from the doc, but it must have been a trip!   Puppy dog and I curled up in bed with some borrowed  movies to watch on the top lap. I hope the doggy enjoyed them, cause I don't remember a thing except it was something about Christmas  Angels or was it Secret Santa and Santa's Secrets. Heck if I know, I hope the dog remembers.

Today the puppy and I  woke up high.  Alive, we went for a stumble down the street, it was so cold we forgot our way home. Or we were lost, can't remember switch. But, we had fun laughing at the trees.


We watched the heavy equipment guy make horrendous noises while he picked up sidewalk slabs with his big machine then dropped them from way up high, into his truck making super loud thuds. It looked like so much fun we asked him if we could play with his toys too. He  was deaf, just stared at us, so the dog teed off and we left. Or right. Somebody peed on his tire. I hope it was the hog.

We needed to find one of those nice people to tell us what we were looking for.

Like at the grocery store, where those sweet folks tell you the anchovies are on aisle four.

Then we found it! We found home again, man oh man, we were sure glad to find a warm spot. Brrrrrr! We were coldy moldy.

Well, that's all for now. Time for more pin pails.

I have to eat when I take one,  except I can only eat soft slurpy stuff. For lunch I had pancakes with applesauce and the sausage had a dog.


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  1. I don't know what the Doctor gave you, but I need some right now. Seriously, I hope you are feeling better..


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