Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cowboys and Crocodiles

Crocs and Cows

We have cowboys with their 10 gallon hats, horses and dogs out rounding up the cattle while hunters prey on small game. One of the swampy lakes I like to photograph because of it's mirror image of the surroundings revealed crocodiles recently. I thought I set my camera correctly (ha ha ha) but all I got was blurry images. No way to tell if it was a crocodile or an alligator. We have both in Florida, so could have been either one. 

Alligators have a rounded snout, crocodiles have a pointy snoot.
The alligator has an overbite with a larger upper jaw, while the crocodile has identical sized upper and lower jaws with teeth that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle (unless they saw an orthodontist). Crocodiles can live in salt water at length where as alligators can not. They protect their species by communal sharing of nests while utilizing a neighborhood nanny. One mother may tend to the hatchlings from many different parents (similar to  modern daycare in America.)

Sorry, no croc pics today. But here's a gorgeous sunset from January 2010 at Long Point Park south of Melbourne, Florida.

Dirt Sucker

Why isn't my little handy dandy antique Singer hand vac  working?  I bought it used at a second hand store for a bargain. It's powerful with the original long heavy duty cord of yesteryear. I vacuumed several of their dusty shelves for them and tidied up the floor. Then I paid for it, after recieving a discount, then brought it home. I should note, the cashier was ringing it up when she said matter-of-factly "Do you qualify for a discount?" while staring intently at her cash register, hand poised to attack the keys should I cough up a reason for a discount. At that point and time, I was having a rough time with my health. I had no idea what type of discounts they offered. So I said "Well, I'm  broke, sick, weak and  tired. Does that count?"  Without any hesitation she announced "Twenty percent!" as she banged that into the register. So my used bargain vac was further discounted.  

I thought I gave the Singer  a good home. But itjust  sits there and does nothing.  Then I found out you have to actually plug it in, turn it on, pick it up and move it around while it does the  dirt sucking. Apparently just buying it and setting it out optimistically does not make it work. It's a human interface device. 

I came across that term one day on my laptop. I plugged in something. My screen flashed up "WARNING: Human Interface Device Detected!"  

That needs a warning?

Gee wiz... I thought the laptop was a Human Interface Device. It certainly doesn't turn itself on and type for me. 


I have to wrap my brain around the mountain of files and paperwork.  Next week I have an important appontment. They expect me to be articulate and organized. Ha ha ha!

Who are we kidding?


  1. You bought a defective vacuum. Mine runs every day with only an Annie attached.

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. Don't feel bad about the vacuum, I live in a house and probably spent much more on the vacuum for it, yet it has the same defect!

  3. I keep my vacuums in the basement of my RV and it's such a hassle to get them out. I have two vacuums and they both have the same problem as yours! Except, they didn't give me a discount back when I bought them.

  4. Human interface is way better than human me...


Life is goof!