Saturday, February 04, 2012

Silent Saturday

I was thinking of offering SILENT SATURDAY but then I realized I had considered  WORDLESS WEDNESDAY. Tee hee hee!  If I keep this up, I won't have much to say. But I was thinking of posting pictures instead of yacking away. 

Today, another RV owner was asking me all about my sailing days in the Caribbean. Oh, just answering all the questions brought back some very fond memories. 

I found this picture of Harley in my food folder.  My clerical skills are obviously  lacking. He is way too skinny to eat.

Harley by copyright by Dear Miss Mermaid

This sweater and pose makes him look serious, as if he should be wearing a little pair of eyeglasses.  

I also found the picture below in the wrong folder.  Me bad. 
Sunset in the British Virgin Islands by copyright by Dear Miss Mermaid
I took this sunset picture when I lived by the Caribbean sea in the Virgin Islands. 

Funny how my whole life has gone upside down and inside out since then. Sure I still get super homesick for the islands. I feel so lost in America. But I love my puppy dog and my little old motorhome. And well, here is where I am now, in the Florida wilderness. 

Life is strange. 


  1. I would not mind being in the islands now:) Maybe if you filed Harley in the food locker for awhile, he would gain weight:)

  2. The sunset picture is beautiful. So is Harley!

  3. Harley is so freakin cute... the sunset is absolutely stellar and yes life is very strange....

    ah... validation ;)

  4. I was reading another blog when I spotted Harely on the side panel in his adorable sweater and just had to get over here. He is just to cute.

  5. Yep, life can be strange. We never know what our lives will be do we? Little Harley sure makes it better for you though! Beautiful carribean photo too.


Life is goof!