Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

44F degrees last night but no snow.  We couldn't sleep. My companion pointed out he had never been to Mardi Gras. Well, as a matter of fact, neither have I. Sure I've been to New Orleans before, I love that place.  The incredible music, the jumbo gulf shrimp, the Cajun cuisine, those flaming hurricane drinks (yummy!). Before Hurricane Katrina, some of the world's oldest pianos still in use, were in New Orleans. 

As a fellow piano player, I cried out loud years ago, when a woman, her voice cracking, tears streaming down her face, was put on TV showing her flood ravaged home after Katrina.  There stood a ruined old piano. In halting speech, interrupted by tears, she told how she used to play it everyday, and it had been in her family for over 300 years. 

So we were driving late last night when I became very tired.  My eyes were getting heavy. I couldn't stop yawning.  I had the motorhome on cruise control, but oh how I seriously needed a cup of coffee.  There was no where to pull over at all. Very few cars were out on the road. 


I continued to yawn. 

Finally, I had no choice. With the cruise control set on 65mph, my co-pilot took over the driving.  I went back to the kitchen to make coffee.  While the pot was still dripping, I made a quick trip through the bathroom. That's the fun part about traveling in a motorhome, having your own bathroom and kitchen with you all the time. 

Since my companion was doing such a great job of driving, I decided to sit down at the computer to check the weather and map.  Heck, might as well post this too, while I'm sitting here sipping my coffee, enjoying a break from the driving. 

Then I realized, I had no pictures of my co-pilot driving, so I snapped this off quickly.  He really enjoys the steering wheel cover with the memory foam. It's so much easier for him to a get a good grip. For me, it prevents my fingers from seizing up with the infamous arthritis finger curl. For some reason, the memory foam reminds me to relax my grip. 

Well, I am going to post this, then make a snack for me and my buddy. 

Mardi Gras here we come!

Oh, and the picture I promised you is down below....

My copilot steering the wheel estate toward Mardi Gras. 


  1. I LOVE it! Looks like you were in very safe hands... oops, paws!

  2. Haha! Harley is rocking the cruise-control.

    The Good Luck Duck

  3. Well thank goodness & whoever else that the cruise control was on. Otherwise, you would have had to fit him with elevator shoes so he could push the pedals. Well done Harley! (ps, thanks for the comment on my blog - we DO have a lot in common...now, lets win the lotto! otay?)

  4. He looks so good there, I am surprised you did not just cook dinner too:)


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