Monday, February 06, 2012

Short Story

Looks like I had a silent Sunday, it was unintentional. I need more hours in the day. For some fool reason I tried to wash another section of the exterior of the wheel estate. It mocks me by leaving little black dots behind.   I accidentally squirted the outside 110 outlet while it was plugged into the gazebo lights. Oops.  Outlet died.  Ut oh. Me bad. 

I tried everything to make it work again, later in the day, after all was good and dry. Nada.  It refused to work again or give forth light in the gazebo. Oh well.  Life is short. Lights are even shorter. The outlet is shorted. I'm wearing shorts. How long can I keep up these short puns? Maybe only for the short haul.  Being fixated with short to start with could be a shortcoming of mine. It takes two to make shortcake but I am alone and therefore shorthanded. Maybe I could take some shortcuts and come up with shortcake in short order.  The missing helper is just a shortfall. 

If one dies young, is that considered a short-age or short-lived? I will think up some more short puns shortly. Or I could cease and desist, giving it short shrift. Maybe my puns are only good for the short-range.  If I planned this better, then I wouldn't be so short-sighted. If I reread this entire paragraph out loud as fast as I can, then I become short-winded. Tune in later for more short stuff on the shortwave.  I am going to go work on the short-circuit. That short is what started all this shortness. 

By the way, this blog needs a better spell heckler. It can't seem to figure out my wrong words into right words. 

Then this morning, well by morning I mean about 3am, I noticed my nightlight in the bathroom was not on. It's the handiest nightlight I have ever seen, especially for folks with frequent power outages or those that live on boats or RV's.  The nightlight is a little clock, but the clock runs on batteries so the time is always correct, which is handy for an RV-er who unplugs from electricity to drive places. When when there is 110 electricity, the nightlight comes on at night with a nice glow, just perfect for using the bathroom in the middle of the night without having to turn on the oh so bright, let's count freckles overhead light. I love this little marvel. After all, one is typically doing finishing touches while facing the mirror in the bathroom before going somewhere.  This nightlight and clock, makes it easy to keep up with the time. 
clock by copyright by Dear Miss Mermaid

So at 3am when I opened my bathroom door, instead of seeing the inviting glow of the  nightlight, it was dark in there. I turned on the bright overhead light, then realized the electric socket had one of those reset buttons. So I reset the socket, then turned off the overhead light. The nightlight came on. Lovely!  The clock never missed a beat because it's on batter, only the nightlight is on electricity. 

At daybreak, I went outside to try the gazebo lights again. This time they worked. So all in all, this is the short version to a long story. I say that because I am pooped out and going to take a short nap.  

Perhaps I will watch one my all time favorite movies; The Short Story. It's a true story, a real tear joker that will make you laugh, think, ponder, wish and end the end, probably cry some. Oops!  I double checked, that is NOT the title. It's called The Straight Story. I know that brings to mind a short story about a straight man, but it's really a straight story about a short man. 

Oh wait, his name is Straight and it's based on a short story of true events. 

I go now. I be tired of being short. 


  1. Funny:) I guessed right that you popped a circuit breaker, but I cannot seem to think of a pun to go with that idea:(

  2. How about: The blog today was nothing short of fantastic! Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Ah yes, ye olde reset button! It sure can make one short tempered for a short while though huh?
    Now you have me thinking about the nair commercial
    "Who wears short shorts
    We wear short shorts
    They're such short shorts
    We like short shorts
    Who wears short shorts
    We wear short shorts."


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