Friday, February 03, 2012

Snake Stomping Boots

camouflaged dog at three lakes wildlife management in florida by copyright by Dear Miss Mermaid

Harley likes to dress up just like the hunters. Here he is in his camouflaged sweater, ready for work at the hunt station. 

Or play. 

As for me, today I unintentionally made yet another hilarious fashion statement.  They must think me a real kook around here. I forgot to take my boots off when the sun came up. 

I was wearing big black boots with my bright pink shorts and pink tie-dyed T-shirt. It really has to do with my extreme dislike for snakes. Never seen a snake around here, but heard they are in the area. Others have seen them.  

I have to get up at dark thirty to go  volunteer for our government. There is no pay, but the perk is free camping for me, the dog and the wheel estate. This is often referred to as workamping. 

Since we haven't been too terribly busy lately, I just drive my RV to work and use it as the office during my shift. We have very heavy dew. It's cold and wet until the sun bakes it dry late in the morning. It seemed pretty warm this morning, but still I had to go outside in the dark, trudging through the c-c-cold wet tall grass to unplug my wheel estate from the electrical post before I could drive it.  The night before I had already unhooked the water and sewer hoses since I have tanks for both, so that in the morning, all I had to do was unhook the power cord. 

I just feel much safer in my snake stomping black boots. Not that I stomp on snakes, nor plan to, but I stomp my feet to let the snakes know that trouble is on the scene and they should slither away in the opposite direction as rapidly as possible, preferably before I ever see them. 

Besides the big black boots  keep my feet from getting cold in the morning dew. So I slipped them on in spite of my summery outfit because I  felt much safer in the boots should I, heaven forbid,  run into a snake. Statistics claim the vast majority of snake bites are to the lower leg. Well, that's a no brainer... I wonder how many people worked on that study?  

My feet felt so cozy and comfy in the boots, that I forgot to switch out to sandals  when mid-morning brought on temps in the mid 70's.  Sandals are more appropriate for shorts and summery weather than big black winter boots.  But I forgot. I forgot all about taking the boots off. 

Then I noticed the strange looks. You know the type. People who want to burst out laughing but are trying not to. Kind of  like when the preacher or politician pauses during their sermon or speech  to catch their breath and someone accidentally lets loose a big noisy fart...

So I was wondering why I was seeing these contorted faces from people who wanted to burst out laughing but were instead making funny faces while trying to act nonchalant. 

At some point, I walked inside the wheel estate and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Then I got it. I was still wearing the dang boots. 

It was the 75F degree weather, with me in bright pink summery outfit and big black winter boots. Oops. 


  1. I wish you could have gotten one of those onlookers to take your picture in the boots!

  2. That actually sounds cool! bright pink shorts with black boots. Isn't that what celebrities wear?


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