Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have GREMLINS in my wheel estate. They've been busy again. 

First they ran off with my camera cord, so I can't download my pictures from the camera. Now the card is full, so I can't take anymore photos. Then the gremlins zapped my forward  12volt socket  so I can't use it with the tiny inverter where it is convenient. I can still use the inverter with the bedroom socket, but have to run long extension cords with it. Not convenient. Every breaker and fuse is pretending to be fine, so I can't locate the problem. 

Then the gremlins did something strange to my gas tank. It leaks gas whenever I pump fuel into the tank. This is especially maddening. If I get stuck at a slow pump, then more gas leaks than at a fast pump. 

Next the little gremlins did something horrible to my computer, that makes the computer screen look like an explosion, so I play hide and seek with my work. I have to move the windows around to see various parts. It's giving me a headache. 

Harley by copyright by Dear Miss MermaidHarley looks like a little gremlin at times, but I can not blame him for any of this mess.

However, he is probably responsible for the dog bone that jabbed me in the back last night, rudely waking me up,  while I was trying to peacefully sleep. 

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I'm busy chasing the gremlins away!

Finally, don't even dream of stressing yourself out over any of this. Gremlins come. Gremlins go. 

For now, I am going to the main garbage dump to search to see if my camera cord fell into the trash. I know that sounds like FUN!  


  1. Oh those gremlins can just get lost!!! My first car was actually a Gremlin ;-) Really.
    Hope you find your cord. That sucks. otherwise, it might be a trip to BigLots to see if they have them in stock. Or Radio Shack, but BL is more fun.
    I'll put a link for your book up on my FB page.

  2. The gas tank leak sounds like it could be serious. Never good to have leaking fuel. If it only does it while filling, it may be in the fill line. You can probably just patch that.

    If you have not already, check the ground fault sockets, maybe one of them has popped.

    Hope you are not emotionally attached to your computer:(

    Not to place blame,but Harley does look a bit guilty:)

  3. Hi,
    You know those electric sockets that have the red reset button on them? Usually they are located in the bathroom. If you have any of those, push on them. When they trip, they affect more than one socket.

    Even with all the chaos, sounds like you are in good spirits. PS I bought your book on Kindle last week!


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