Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puppy Posts

Dear Miss Mermaid is recuperating. I have to drive her to the doctor again today, since our friend had to leave early. But what the heck, I love to drive!

Not only have I learned to drive, but I can also use the right turn signal. That left one is a little tricky though. But hey, I can just do right turns to get every where can't I? 

OK, enough of this typing wiff my wittle paws.  I got to go now. I need to practice blowing the horn. Toot Toot!


  1. Harley, thanks for checking in with us today. I was getting worried about DMM! You are doing a good job - have a bone! >--<

  2. Lay off the horn, Harley! Fer cryin' out loud ...

    The Good Luck Duck

  3. I truly have seen lots of stuff in my day, but never ever have I seen a dawg like Harley....

    I've asked before but didn't get a response... What... I say what... kind of puppy is Harley..

    wire haired terrier?

    I'm with Cyn... glad you checked in.

    Cyn? Roxanne? y'all know what this puppy dog is?

    A breed all his own.. HAHaaaa... so cute

  4. Harley, you are a good pooch! Take care of the boss:)

  5. I have been reading this blog for sometime now, however it has taken me a whilst to say hello. I wanna say thanks i really get pleasure from your posts


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