Monday, July 22, 2013

Cartoon Boating

Public Parks can be quite entertaining.  You just never know what visitors will do next to amuse themselves. 

This park has a popular boat ramp on Lake Hartwell. 

Our floating courtesy dock has been flooded due to epic rainfall causing the lake levels to rise above full pond. It's no longer a dry walk to and from the dock.  One boater found a creative solution since he couldn't utilize the courtesy dock while he fetched his truck and trailer for taking his shiny new boat home again. 

Incredibly some people buy a boat but don't want to get wet.

I was walking Harley dog. We heard this speed boat whizzing into the area. Just as I turned to look *KERBANG CRUNCH*. 

Occasionally *ahem* people have more money than brains. So they buy a boat. 

The couple in the shiny new speed boat had driven it up on the concrete boat ramp with a loud sickening crunch. Strangely they were pleased with their handy work. 

The man leaped off the bow of the boat trying to jump onto the concrete and not get his trendy sneakers wet. The woman sat in the boat while it rocked back and forth on its keel on the concrete making loud crunchy noises. I was thinking that luckily they wouldn't sink at the ramp if they punctured a hole in it. 

The boater backed his truck and trailer down the boat ramp. He got out of the truck walked over to the speed boat climbing aboard the high bow with great effort. The rough pavement is embedded with pebbles for more traction at the ramp.  He reversed the boat off the concrete with quite a bit of thrust while I listened to the fiberglass noisily scraping.

He put the speed boat in gear then drove up onto the trailer crooked. The boat was only a third of the way on the trailer sitting lop sided. 

Now most mariners would reverse the boat, then try again to center it on the trailer. 

Not this Admiral. 

He revved up the engine to full speed forcing the boat against its will to loudly creep up on the trailer sideways. I was digging for my camera, in case his boat shot right up over the trailer and into the back glass of his pickup.  With more scraping it kind of worked down onto the stringers with water muffled scraping noises heard above the roar of the engine. It was off center but it was on the trailer.

He cut the engine then crawled from the bow of the boat into the rear of the pickup truck then tried to slither from the pickup bed to the drivers seat, but finally he had to get on the ramp then into his truck. 

He floored the truck's accelerator to zoom out of the ramp area with the woman still sitting in the boat. I don't think she was prepared for the 0-50 miles in 2 seconds.  He raced across the parking lot, then came to a sudden stop, like he remembered to go help her out of the boat. She looked like she had aged 10 years in 10 seconds, poor thing.

Perhaps he learned all his boating techniques from Saturday morning cartoons. 

The rough gouges on the bottom of the hull of the shiny new boat had aged it at least 10 years too. 

I guess a rough day boating is better than a smooth day at the office any which way you look at it. 

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  1. Your story took me back to my three high school summers when I ran a boat harbor on the Mississippi river. There was never a shortage of idiots to provide constant entertainment.


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