Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Class Clown

Canadian Geese are taking over the recreation area in the mornings. They were covering the parking lot. When a truck drove by, they didn't even scatter.

They leave great big globs of green poop but it's fun having them around my new workamping site.

I have company visiting. We are trying to repair this old motorhome with hilarious results.

The fire extinguisher accidentally went off.  Problem was, we didn't have a fire. But super fine white powdery dust scattered EVERYWHERE on EVERY THING.

So we are busy cleaning, coughing, vacuuming, cursing, laughing.

Harley enrolled in K-9 school again. He is the class clown. He paraded in the middle of the room with a "Look at me!" attitude, showing off, dancing, shaking, playing. He seemed clueless that he was attending school and not performing at the circus.

I should mention he was tactfully removed from the first class he signed up for and rescheduled for a different class.  The instructor carefully suggested he needed special attention. The first class was crowded.  The teacher transferred him to the puppy class that only has 3 dogs total. Two are cute as can be puppies and then there is Harley at age 3.5 years old. The other pet parents were surprised to find out he is not a puppy.

I spritzed him with PawFume spray and brushed him up nicely so he wouldn't look like a ragamuffin. But just before we arrived, he seriously redid his own fur to his own liking, which included raucous shaking from head to tail so he showed up for school looking like he had blown in on the wings of a tornado.

He immediately engaged the other two pups in play trying to get them to cut up with him.

The instructor tried to bribe him with treats. He liked this game, doing everything she desired. I was so proud of my little monkey. But he became full of treats and stopped doing anything at all. Matter of fact he wandered out of the classroom a few times to go flirt with other dogs and people.

He was sent home with a mountain of homework which he seems very indifferent about.

He earned an A+ on making everyone laugh but he also disrupted the class often with his "Look at me" antics.

I am embarrassed but not totally surprised my little buddy is labeled "special needs". Good grief. He was also nicknamed Hilarious Harley.  I saw it on the teacher's notes.


  1. Harley kinda reminds me of Sandy, my dog many years ago. They may not obey, but they are the most lovable buddies a person can have!

  2. Will you have to do his detention for him?


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