Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ut Oh

Technology melting down. Phone and computer putting up a fuss. Matter of fact, a computer called my phone yesterday and broke it. What's the use of being on the "Do Not Call" FCC list and having an unlisted number if marketing computers can still call me up at will?

Since that computer call, I have not been able to get calls in or out.

Even the internet crashed 8 times while I tried to post this.

I am checking for spyware and virus.  My email is overloaded with a ton of spam and notices from companies that I never asked to send me a thing. It's hard to find the REAL email.

So I am sorry, if you have called or emailed me, things are just melting down here.

Send a smoke signal.

I hope to be back here soon. But I am techno challenged.

Today is just another WILD adventure.

I think I messed up my time machine and woke up in the wrong year. How to get back where I belong?

Oh and yes, we are still flooded, but the SUN came out. I thought I had the world's worst headache, but it was just SUNSHINE. I thought that had been banned from this part of the world.

I have 1,287 pictures of blurry dog to delete one of these days. Whenever I grab the camera, it's a signal for him to tend to his crotch. I guess he wants his privates good and clean for the picture.

Some days, I just want to go to back to bed and crawl under it.

Back soon.

Or Later.

Go figure. 

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  1. Don't answer cell unless I know the caller; probably miss some interesting calls. Raining cats and dogs here last few days. Hope things get clearer up your way :))

    The Troutman


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