Monday, July 08, 2013

Klutz Day and More Flooding

The waters just keep coming. I hope to make more pictures tomorrow. Today was a klutz day.

In the above picture, all that green stuff used to be the park's lawn. All the brownish hue in the water was a beautiful beach for the swim area.

To the left in the picture is a tiny brown sign, it is now surrounded by water.

It keeps raining off and on day and night. Half of our park is  now closed off until it resurfaces.

Boater's can't use the courtesy floating dock anymore unless they swim to and from it.

I've been a real klutz too. The dog is not a very good electrician either.

Remember how I am always saying when you feel bad, just SMILE and slowly count to 10?

Well, my jaw hurts and I've counted to 24,893 so far. It started with waking up at 9am thoroughly confused. I normally get up at 5am. I guess my body needed more healing time.

I should have heeded the warning and STAYED in bed. Harley dog wasn't the least bit interested in getting up either. But get up we did and things just started going wrong.

Somehow I managed to trip myself up, spill a cup of coffee on the floor and knock my phone off the table.

See?  I told you I can multitask.

One cup of coffee looks like a gallon on the floor.

My 3rd pair of semi-orthopedic shoes arrived by UPS. They are still wrong. This is getting comical. They've shipped the same size to me 3 times and it's still the wrong size. I called them.  They hung up on me. I thought they were fed up with me. But later I found out my phone is broken.

The phone's microphone isn't working, so people just keep hanging up on me. Well by now I had emailed them that no matter how hard they try to force these size 6 shoes on me, they still don't and won't fit.

I am trying a new tactic with them. I am sending these back for a full refund. Then I am starting a brand new order with them. Exchanging for the correct size, no matter how many times I fill out the forms and call them, is just not working. They keep sending me the same shoes, round trip!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of a long klutzy day.

Tomorrow I will tell about the dog playing electrician.

If I get up.


  1. Wow! Problems here as well; ran generator and no power from it to RV :( Did my own inept trouble shooting to no avail. Not breaker and ok from shore power so got to be somewhere from gen to converter.....argh!!!!! Hotter than Hades here with Chantal decidind where she wants to go.

    The Troutman

    1. Your generator has a separate breaker of it's own, probably right on the generator. It might look like a reset switch. I had mine flip off which scared me too, but once I found it and flipped it back on, everything worked fine.

  2. Yeah, know that. I have blown main breaker in Converter before and focused my attention there at first but plugging into shore power told me issue was in genset somewhere. Websearching suggested resistance on reset switch which was nil which made me grind my teeth thinking bad rotors or something similar within genset. Thoughts of tongue lashing from SWMBO about me and my RV added to consternation :)) Decided to attach an extension cord and light directly to genset and results suggested I had AC power from gen but did toggle breaker on and off a few times as well. Plugged unit back in and viola-power to RV and converter!! Go figure; has got to be connection from cord to genset outlet. I will brush connections thoroughly if situation arises again but hope this was a one time anomoly. At any rate was able to get some juice to house batteries and load on genset for a 1/2 hour or so :) How r u and Monkey doing today???

    The Troutman


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