Sunday, July 21, 2013


The rains just keep coming. We had a few days of glorious sunshine.  But now the lake is back to flooding. It is raining so hard right now, I can't hear myself think.

I am still on the mend, mostly resting, getting next to nothing done at all.

I traveled and lived in my RV for over 2 years before I acquired a TV.  I am not the least bit impressed much with it though. Too many commercials and super loud laugh tracks that are downright annoying. Way too much "news".  A lot of the news is wrong on a slow day too, but all the channels in this area play news at the same time for hours!  It's way too depressing or so slanted you can see right through it.

I thought a TV would entertain me when I am stuck in bed.

However,  I figured out how to play movies with it.  That is wonderful!  Put the movie on the computer, plug it into the TV and magic!

A dear sweet angel gave me a huge sack of movies, but so far they put me to sleep. Not the content, just that my bed is oh so comfy I just doze right off.

The body is supposed to heal itself while I sleep.  Heal body! Heal!


LOUD long lightning!  Sounded like a tree split in half and fell somewhere nearby.

I am getting off the computer and unplugging everything. If you've read me for years, then you know why I am scared of lightning!  More later.

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