Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mega Sasquatch

Some days the brain fails, other days the body malfunctions.

I guess my little old wheel estate and I have a lot in common.

Small wonder I am perpetually confused.

I've been stuck in bed far too much. Yucky poo. I want to be up, out and living life not languishing in bed.

Since I moved to the new park to volunteer workamp, it has rained every day.  Not all day, but every day. Often it has been torrential storms that make a lot of racket and dump copious amounts of water in a short time.

Lake Hartwell continues to be well above full pond in spite of the dam spillway openings to lower the lake.

The ground is so thoroughly saturated that plant life is growing at an astronomical rate. The park is a vivid green against a backdrop of gloomy skies.

I've discovered that red mud indigenous to this area can be super duper slippery under the right conditions. Harley dog was rather amused when I slipped on the trail recently. I didn't fall thanks to unseen angels but my arms were flailing like a windmill while I made hilarious sounds similar to "Ew, ah, ack, oh, ugh, eeeee..."  Harley gave me a quizzical canine stare as if to say "Oh stop clowning around. That's my job!"

Amazingly I remained upright while unintentionally skating across the mud leaving long large footprints.

If you hear rumors about a mega Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in the area, it's just me walking the dog and being a mud klutz.


  1. Gee, I hope with all of the rain and puddles they're aren't any mosquitoes!

  2. It sure is Green reminds me of pictures I've seen of Ireland. Be careful out there.


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