Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I'm on the mend, so I decided to fix the RV awning so I could drive 10 miles to the stores over the border.

The awning has been stuck halfway out for a few days. The strap for pulling it in and out broke off. I was sure I had some green parachute string. I planned to repair it with that for now until I could work out how to replace the strap.

I am so well organized here, I found yellow cord, brown twine, white clothesline, manila twisted rope, braided string, floating orange polypropylene line, and kite string, but not one scrap of green paracord. I have no idea where the paracord ran off to.

Perhaps it went skydiving without me.

In the islands of the Caribbean there are rumors of my skydiving accident that left a horrible scar on my knee.

Actually it was a boating accident during a wild storm in the Virgin Islands but I was tired of telling the story. So one day when I was at a huge beach party chili cookoff for charity, friends kept coming up to me asking about my injuries because my leg was bandaged from ankle to thigh and I was hobbling around with a 4 pronged cane while wearing a short sarong.

At that time in my life all my outfits were short.

A half dozen skydivers had just literally crashed the party by making their spectacular entrance from the sky. A group of us standing around were joking that some people will do anything to avoid the parking fees.

Someone I knew walked up to the group to ask about my leg. So I told them it was a bad landing when we were practicing skydiving last week. Even funnier everyone standing around talking believed me.

I knew one of the skydivers. He saw me and came over to say hello. So that is how that wild rumor got started. Three weeks later on a different island at a beach, several friends came up to tell me they had "heard" about my skydiving accident.

Today I finally settled on the twine as a temporary fix for the awning. Once it was rolled back up in place, I tidied up the motorhome, unplugged the umbilical cords and set sail down the highway. Harley was riding shotgun eagerly looking out the window to figure out where we might be going.

I missed my exit to go shop. I had to drive 24 extra miles to get back to where I wanted to go.

Good grief.

Usually I just go with the flow however I wasn't feeling up to touring a new town today. I just wanted to run my errands and go back home. Oh wait. I am driving in my home. Well that's the perks of owning wheel estate.

When I finished shopping, I followed the signs to the interstate ramp entrance. But I forgot they are backwards at this intersection. The north goes south and the south goes north. I don't know why this has never been fixed in the last 3 years or why I was fooled again by the deceptive signs.

So I did another 24 mile detour. Twice.  When I finally got home, I had clocked 73 miles for a 20 mile trip.

Each day is just another wild adventure! But all is well, ends well.

Any time you can walk away, it's a safe landing.

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