Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life is Goof

Life is goof.

Oops. I typed that when I meant "Life is GOOD". But "Life is Goof" might be a new slogan for me...  I seem to goof up so much.

Angels swoop down from the sky to take care of a fool like me. I have no idea what on earth I did to deserve such deliverance.

I am not afraid to make a spectacle of myself to be the laughing stock or to be ridiculed. It happens. Such is life.

I just want to be happy, avoid stress, get well, stay well, laughing long and hard at the world around me.

I took this picture, it's one of my favorites. It's a rainbow between Tortola and Jost Van Dyke in the Virgin Islands. Over 23 years of my adult life were spent in the Caribbean.

To this day, I am still homesick. Due to circumstances, it's unlikely I will be moving back anytime soon, if ever. But one just never knows. My life is still one big adventure. I leap out of bed wondering what will happen next.

In 2009, doctors thought it unlikely I would live much longer than a few precious months. They were pumping me full of 17 different drugs, 13 of which they expected me to be on for the remainder of my days. I had allowed them to unwittingly drive my happy little life into financial ruin.

Why was I living in a hospital getting worse instead of better?  I hated it. First I had to get out of there, then I had to get away from their clutches.

In a shocking move, I simply quit taking their advice and their drugs. Neither they nor I thought that July 2013 would be rolling around with me waking up alive, in far better health than under their care.

How many prescription drugs am I on now?

One.  (I resent it too but find it necessary at times.)

I hope one day soon I can find a way to get out from under it and bon voyage to pills with more bad effects than good.

Now I do take alternatives in the forms of herbs and extracts plus a much improved diet that seeks to restore health, not rob it.

The sad thing is, I've had to hoe this row all alone, forging ahead into the unknown, doing thousands upon thousands of hours of exhausting research utilizing the internet as one ginormous library.

I couldn't find a doctor that wanted to listen to me, the lowly little patient. Our objectives seemed at opposite ends of the rainbow. I wanted away from their drugs, they wanted to pump me full of profit making chemicals. Who cares what the patient wants?

I felt like they were picking my pocketbook clean, rather than caring about me getting well.

However in doing my own research, as many of you probably already know,  you certainly can't believe everything you find on the internet. There are so many self-serving internet sites that will plump themselves full of erroneous or doubtful information in order to sell a product or service, that one has to further sort out for themselves what is true and accurate and what is not.

My current life, took a strange and interesting detour. I am happy as can be waking up alive in my little old wheel estate, sailing down the highways and byways of America.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade and be happy.

Even if you have to do it all alone.

Life is goof.

When you stop carrying on, they carry you out.


  1. Like you i have found out the hard way all you have said is so true,carry on sailor,carry on!

  2. I am glad I found your new website. Your old one must have become corrupted or you have quit using it. I enjoy reading your posts very much. I am interested in what steps you took to get away from prescription drugs.
    Why don't you publish a treaty or some book or booklet about how you accomplished it? I would be willing to buy it no matter the cost.
    My feelings are the same as yours when it comes to the medical field. They burden you with a LOT of un-necessary medications and tests. I feel solely for the benefit of their wallets. About the same as lawyers.

  3. Pharaceutical companies create customers, not cures.


Life is goof!