Thursday, December 22, 2016

Alive and Tacking

Tacking the sailboat, it heels over to the other side. The sunshine warms me up and I sweat profusely.

Oh wait, I am not sailing. It's a dizzy fever.

Well, I might as well be tacking the boat. Lately I stumble around like a old salt on shore leave who has found the seaside watering hole.

My ear went on the fritz, giving me a fever and  making me feel seasick in my level non-sailing wheel estate. When I have felt well enough to write, the internet has been down. Internet comes up and this blogger platform goes down.

See saw.

Yee haw.

I dream of  sailing on Sea Rose, my old sailboat in the Caribbean where  I lived and worked  for many happy years.

These are happy years too, just a wee bit more difficult.

Life is goof.

To sum it up, I owe so many thanks to my wonderful readers and friends and angels and supporters and subscribers and souls with good hearts who love my little canine companion (and are still nice to me too.)

My life has been graced with such good fortune to wake up and live another day.

So Happy holidays!

May you have a fine winter solstice.

I will be back soon.

Very soon!

Well fed fish at Casey Jones Camp in Florida
I stopped in there last month, seems like a year ago. 

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Life is goof!