Friday, December 30, 2016

Devil of a Dog

Another beautiful day in paradise though it's so c-c-c-cold at 40 effing degrees. My Caribbean soul just has never warmed up. I am layered in all sorts of clothes. I can hardly move!

Right now I am dealing with a ton of worrisome chaos in my life, maybe I will write about later, maybe not.

In the interim, looking for happy stuff  I am going to show off my goofy puppy who turned 7 years old at Christmas.

Recently I have been able to get back on my bicycle. I am not doing many miles, but I am pedaling and breathing, groaning as my body discovers new ways to hurt that I don't understand.  I just smile and pedal and pray for a miracle. I have to admit though my comfort bicycle which is called a Day 6.

I could ride my bicycle a lot easier if I went alone, but I prefer the company of my canine companion. He rides in this bicycle basket up front.

When we returned to our campsite, he resisted letting me pick him up out of the bike basket. He can turn to dead weight making a 6 pound dog feel like 60 pounds.

In my frustration, I detached his basket and set it on the ground. Since he refused to get out, I grabbed my old camera and tortured him with pictures.

Usually when he sees me grab the camera, he immediately props up his leg to clean his privates. I am not sure why he wants his privates so clean for the picture, but no one wants to look at the goofy pics of him doing that. Grrr...

Today he just sat in his bicycle basket on the ground, refusing to get out, imploring me to take him out for another ride.

How can such a sweet looking innocent dog be such a devil to deal with?

It's one of life's great mysteries.

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