Monday, December 12, 2016

Seventh Anniversary

Celebrating 7 years of owning and living in this little old motorhome 24/7.

I am not sure whether to curse it or hug it.

Either way I am whooping it up with a raging fever and a bucket nearby instead of cake and balloons.

It seems my wheel estate has shrunk through repeated washings.

Could you live in 150 square feet for 7 years without a car and be sane?

Of course no one has accused me of sanity. Just the opposite!

When I first bought it, I enthusiastically drew out a floorplan. I have now updated it somewhat to include the washing machine which is about 17 by 17 inches, not a big thing, but it lives in a place where it blocks access to some floor area where I have a pile of stuff anyhow like shoes and a teeny chest with sweaters plus a  file box that is bursting with too many papers.

Internet and computer have been on the fritz plus I've been busy with that bucket and fever. Yet I have to keep going out to walk doggy. I even put him on bicycle and rode him to the dog park yesterday to let him run wild while I stood around wondering why I didn't bring that bucket with me.

I am flailing around trying to clean the place up as I have company coming from afar and I hate for them to see me and the place both looking like a train wreck. I should at least clear a seat for them to sit in and the guest loft. I've never seen my rig look in such disarray. Tsk tsk tsk. Or I could take my doggy, bucket, and ice pack back to bed.

Life is awesome with so many choices!

The red doors are not all real doors. The shower door and the rear red door are both accordion type. The shower is full of stuff too,  like dirty laundry and a cooler. I dump it all out, shower, mop it up, then toss it back in again.

I should have drawn in the 14 windows. I could never live without them, yet it means I have minimal storage but a great view of the world around  me including the neighbors.

OK, bed wins, I go lay down and get up later and try to clean up later.

Speaking of tissue...
I am going back to bed with mine. 
I bought this years ago because it hides a roll of toilet paper and converts it to a tissue box.

Amazon still sells this. comes in  assorted colors. 
It will also hold an upright square box of tissue, but I like the roller included that enables a fat roll of toilet paper to hide inside. That way I can pull out as much or as little I need each time.

Achoo! Sniffle sniffle sniffle...
Amazingly, I have dropped mine a few times and it has never broken. 

OK I am seriously going to go lay down with my doggy, bucket, tissue, ice pack and I forget what else. Soon as I get comfy, I will remember. 


  1. From your last post, I can't imagine it was something you ate. Who knows where we pick these things up. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Two things have helped me through these "sick" times. One is oil of oregano. It comes in capsules for convenience. The other is Nutribiotic Grapefruit seed extract tablets. Both are on Amazon.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I like the box with the roller of paper included. Good idea!

  3. Hope you get to feel better real soon. Nasty stuff going around. Compared to some travel trailers folks live in you have a mansion lol


Life is goof!