Sunday, December 25, 2016


Another beautiful day in paradise.

Christmas with dear miss mermaid

THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments you have taken time to post here. Your comments are delightful providing me miles of smiles.

Thank you!

Christmas with dear miss mermaid

Every day is such a special gift. I often wonder why I am worthy of waking up alive to enjoy such enchanting delights.

Idiotic pain woke me up, but I tiptoed outside before sunrise to marvel at waking up alive, listening to the birds coupled with the odd but welcomed silence of a campground devoid of human and machine noises apparently still in deep slumber.

So why am I tiptoeing? So the  birds won't notice?

Focus on the positive, forget the negative. All will be fine. Mind over matter.

Harley dog turned 7 years old!
Happy Birthday Harley!

Christmas with dear miss mermaid

What a study in contrasts he is from full-speed ahead rambunctious puppy attitude to cowering and shaking with me last night because bangs and booms were going off in spite of there being a ban on fireworks at the park, someone very close by was setting off an unsettling ruckus that we couldn't see, just hear. Poor puppy. He shook like a palm frond in a hurricane. I tried to comfort us both.

Life is goof.

Here's hoping everyone is having a wonderful exhilarating holiday!

Christmas with dear miss mermaid

Thank you for stopping by.

May you be blessed with many good fortunes and loads of laughter.


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Life is goof!