Friday, December 02, 2016

Arrive Alive In Bits In Pieces

Harley backs our wheel estate into our camp site. 

We arrived alive at our winter camping destination.

Not too much fell off the RV along the way.
We're like Hansel and Gretel, just follow the trail of RV parts to find out where we went!

Only one hit and run, but nobody was injured.

I was at a gas station that had a left lane with 2 pumps on the left and a right lane with 2 pumps to the right.
I was pumping gas parked on the left. My mini motorhome takes up 2 car lenghts. To my right pumping gas was  a car in front with a pickup truck  in back of him.
When the pickup truck finished first, he cudda-shudda backed out and left the gas station without making a mess or trying to destroy anything.
Instead he  shot out of his lane forward at a severe angle trying to squeeze between my rig and the other car when I heard a loud BANG. My outside mirror was knocked so hard I thought it would bust right off. Thank goodness he left the front fender intact.
Harley barked up unprintable doggy curses.
The pickup truck never stopped, just sped out of there in a big bodacious hurry.

Life is goof.

Maybe I need a bright orange RV so idiots at gas stations can SEE me.

Now it's time to park a spell, patch up this mess and see the dawn of a new error...

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  1. I would have gotten his license plate and reported him as a hit and run. Idiot.


Life is goof!