Monday, December 05, 2016

Pot Luck on a Day 6 Bicycle

I was invited to a pot luck but told to bring a chair, a covered dish, a drink, a plate and a place setting. Oh and I was supposed to bring a weenie to roast on the fire, but I didn't have a hot dog (just a cool puppy!)

Most folks were loading up their cars to drive over, a few walked over because they were camped nearby.

I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to carry all this over without making multiple trips plus the chair just seemed so heavy.

 I have no idea how that works. My muscles play trick or treat with me. One day it's a treat;  5 pounds feels like 5 pounds and other days it's a trick; 5 pounds feels like 50.

My trusty red "Day 6" bicycle came to the rescue!

Big pot of Pesto Pasta with Toasted Pine Nuts rode in the front basket of my bicycle. The rear basket held the place setting plus a bungee cord to strap down my folded chair to the rear rack.

I was able to stay past dark since I now have front and rear lights on the bicycle.

What fun!

Shame I didn't take a picture of the bike loaded down. My bad.

But just for grins, here's a picture anyhow. I often refer to my ride as "the cargo carrier".

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  1. Where did you put Harley? Did he ride on top of the pesto or stay at home. That's a really nice bicycle.

  2. looks like you can transport just about anything. Did the doggie go too?


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