Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Giggle Farts

I woke up at dark thirty, tiptoeing around my wheel estate. Why? So the dog can sleep? My brain works in mysterious ways.

It's going to be another beautiful day in paradise. Before daybreak I was sitting outside in the breezy camp staring off into oblivion waiting for the sun to come up.

I crave sunshiny natural daylight. As the winter days slowly shrink I don't want to miss a moment of it. Today I will have 10 hours and 25 minutes of daylight. I don't want to waste one single second of the glorious daylight. From soaking up the vast benefits of sunshine to incorporating it into my daily life of hopeful healing.

Vitamin D
Sunblock stops the sun's ultra violet rays from creating Vitamin D in the body, which is essential for numerous healthy body functions. It's important to slowly build up tolerance to the sun if one is not used to it so that sensitive skin can get used to the idea that sunshine and Vitamin D is essential and healthy.

For me, watching the sun come up, is my own crazy affirmation that I am alive!

Another day to greet with wonder and joy.

And now Dear Miss Mermaid gives you shopping tips for the holidays;

A whimsical bag of unicorn farts! (Cleverly disguised as cotton candy.)

Life is made for giggling.  (And farting!)

Angels keep me down to earth. 
Help Keep Dear Miss Mermaid Writing, Giggling and Farting...
Thank you! 

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