Sunday, August 05, 2018

Eviction Infliction

Critters love me.

No idea why.

I strive to keep a clean home but why oh why did I find these two creatures two days apart inside my little old fifth wheel trailer?

Exotic spiders!

Can you identify?

They no longer live with me. I have had passive bug poison hidden all over the inside for months now. I find the occasional dead bug or one limping by on his final breath. So what were the spiders hoping to live on?

There they are. I snapped their pics just moments away from their final eviction.

I love nature and critters. They seem to love me too. But I want them to live outside, not inside.

Lizards, spiders, frogs, bugs, cicadas, they are all zipping around my garden outside. A lizard lives in my shed too. Since I don't live in my shed, I just use it, I don't bother to evict him, but I do have a bug zapper and some bug poison in there to encourage critters to live elsewhere. The bug zapper came with the RV, installed in the kitchen. I didn't like the flashing lights, plus I needed that outlet for something else, so I plugged it inside the shed.

Last week my RV front door was being repaired. The door was down or open or both for days. I guess critters found the opportunity to just move on in and set up residence. After we (my friend and I worked together on this wild project) did our custom repairs and install, I find that RVBuddy is selling custom kits, so you don't have to go through the loops and hoops we did.

Life is goof.

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  1. Check out this one.

    If this is the one, they are a golden silk spider and not poisonous. I'll trade. Where we live we have black widows and brown recluses. I have been bitten by each. I don't like spiders either. Yesterday I was bathing and one crawled across my foot. I managed to wash it down the drain. My husband heard my scream and came running. With spiders and snakes, I kill them and ask questions later.

    Can't believe you had to replace the door!!


Life is goof!