Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Pot Garden

Loved all your wonderful comments.

Today this beautiful flower began to bloom in one of my pots.

There is hope! 

Much of my potted garden is growing unknown green things. This happened from collecting pots that others threw out, then trying to revitalize them. Also I received some surprise gifts from others, either plants or pots they didn't want.

When my neighbor died, they gave me some of the old pots with his dead plants. During his sudden death, no on kept up with his plants. I figured I could re-use the pots, but I was tired and just set them aside. Then one day I watered the dead plants. Another day I cut all the dead stuff out.

Just for grins I gave the pot some food and kept watering the sad pots, hoping for a miracle.

Eventually green things began popping up and I don't really know which are plants and which are weeds, if it was green I was just letting it grow. Beside the massive oaks that tower over me, there are also two cedar trees on my lot. Nothing wants to grow under them, so I began with this wild idea of just having a container garden. I wold try to give it my attention a few minutes a day. Lots of wishful thinking, and a bit of water and food.

Amazing what a little plant food and a ton of optimism can do for a wishful garden.

Stay safe!

Roads are crazy and weather in this part of the world is brutally hot and humid, so I am taking extra care to stay hydrated.


  1. Looks like more than just a little attention! Looks wonderful.

  2. we had a flower shop as a kid. the difference between flowers and weeds are that you cultivate flowers. peace out, raz

  3. Your yellow flower reminds me of the Chrysler Building in NYC.

    Craig MacKenna


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