Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Stinky Stuff

Hot Town Summer In The City
Back Of My Neck Getting Dirt And Gritty
Been Down, Isn't It A Pity
Doesn't Seem To Be A Shadow In The City
All Around People Looking Half Dead
Walking On The Sidewalk Hotter Than A Match Head

 Today I was up before sunrise. Giving thanks to one and all for miracles and blessings. Another day on planet earth! Yippie doodle do!

If I want to escape tiny home living and savor the outdoors I have to start early. Propping my eyes open with toothpicks, I sipped coffee willing my body to wake up. Around 7-ish I woke up the doggy and off we went riding our bicycle around the park, dropping off the garbage, trying to get some exercise before the major heat arrived. 

Dumpster diving yielded 2 clay garden pots, no cracks, no chips. 

Back home I gave the doggy a warm bath in the RV shower. He sure smelled awful and I was hoping to fix that. In the old motorhome, I scrubbed him in the kitchen sink, but in this old fifth wheel I have a tiny child sized oval tub in the shower stall. It's optimistically referred to as a garden tub.

After his bath, I carried a wet puppy outside to air dry. I laid down his big towel in the sunshine. He plowed it back and forth drying his face and body. It's hilarious to watch!

Kind people have suggested I use my hair dryer to blow him dry. What hair dryer?  I have very long hair down to my waist but no hair dryer. 

Life is goof.

The oak and cedar trees on my camper lot constantly rain down leaves and needles all over the paved patio and walkway. If I don't tidy up mother nature's bounty,  it gets so thick, I have trouble finding my way home. 

Optimistically I decided to wash and dry my only set of bed sheets. Two hours later I had just put the cleaned sheets back on the bed when a thunder and lightening storm hit with a massive deluge that darkened the skies.

My dog is nearly 9 years old, but he does not like noisy thunderstorms one bit. We plopped down on the bed together so I could comfort his tiny shaking body.


The power died while waterfalls of rain cascaded down the windows. 

The hum of the air conditioner was silenced. The storm intensified. Maybe the dog and I are heavy breathers because within 10 minutes of non power,  the bedroom steamed up like it was contemplating a sauna conversion. 

Another loud thunderclap, followed by several lightening strikes. As the scared dog snuggled up to me seeking comfort, the RV temperature was rising. All I could think was THANK GOODNESS I washed the stinky.

Life is joyful.

In the funniest ways.  


  1. Do you have any tips to keep the rv cooler and - or keep the air conditioner working as well ( read as cheap) as possible? Living in our 5th wheel in Alabama, after living in Northern Michigan is taking a toll on me. Our Electric bill is so high due to the air conditioning.

    I have 2 dogs and one is an older English Bulldog, Iz needs the rv kept as cool as I can afford as the heat is very hard on Bulldogs.

    If you did a blog post on keeping cool I would so love it. I don't know how you feel about sharing the expertise you have, but thank you for the blog as it is. I love it.

  2. Good dumpster find. Those clay pots are expensive. I'm amazed you can manage all that hair. Mine is down to the middle of my back and some days thoughts of cutting it pass through my mind. But I remind myself "fast to cut, slow to grow" and get over it.

    Have you tried Bach Flower "Rescue Remedy" for Harley? Sometimes it calms them down.

  3. First time reading much appreciate it


Life is goof!