Sunday, August 26, 2018

Lasagna Surprise

Pot luck surprise surprise!

It all started when a close friend gave me a brand new lasagna pan. I was laughing and asking them if this was a hint?

The park here has pot lucks posted on their activity calendar. They printed out the calendar at the beginning of the month, so I foolishly assumed, if it's on the calendar, then it's happening. I don't partake of any of the planned activities except pot luck.

The previous pot luck  I went to was kind of small, only 8 people but it was fun and friendly. Previous ones had more in attendance.

I decided for the next one to make a huge pan of homemade lasagna and take it. I mentioned this to several folks in an attempt to drum up more attendees and more pot luck dishes.

Typically my meals at home alone are kind of boring and mostly involve assorted dried beans cooked in a crockpot.

On the day of pot luck, I spent most of the day assembling lasagna with 5 cheeses plus beef and homemade sauce with secret herbs and spices. My kitchen was a wreck when I was through, but the end result looked pretty tasty. My propane oven in this RV seems to work fairly well.

I showed up at the potluck being held in the rec hall only to be told by departing happy hour folks that pot luck had been cancelled at some meeting held the day before.

Well shazam!

I guess I seriously need a new crystal ball to keep up with these sort of things.

What's the use of printing up a calendar  if they are going to willy-nilly have a little meeting to cancel the best event?  Pot luck seems kind of silly to cancel, we all have to eat...

Two other people showed up for pot luck because they knew I was making it and had even helped contribute some of the ingredients.  So we reconvened back at my place and had potluck for 3. We were piglets and had a good time. We even let the dog have a little piece of  lasagna and he thought it was awesome. My 7 pound mutt has quite the appetite. He fancies himself a gourmand.

For good measure I wrapped up two pieces of lasagna and dropped them off  to two different individuals that I knew were home alone and sickly. That sure cheered them up!

There were even some leftovers to slide in the fridge. Oh my goodness. I had forgotten how wonderfully delicious lasagna can be 24 hours later. Matter of fact, the same two friends showed up again... in case there were leftovers. So we had round two *ding ding* of lasagna the next day.

Life is goof.

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  1. Two private pot locks at your place. It doesn't get any better than that and even Harley got to attend! I am so glad you shared with those who were home alone and am sure you made their day! It sure looked delicious -- drool.


Life is goof!